Grado’s Hemp Headphones: An audio high you won’t soon forget

I think the best way to describe how the audio sounds is in one word: Balance. I contend that music shouldn’t be too strong in highs, mids, or lows. Sure, booming bass can sound nice, but too much bass overpowers other frequencies and hides too much of music’s nuance. These Hemp Headphones are like studio […]

LG SN7Y soundbar review: Great Atmos sound for less

Case in point: While you can stream to the SN7Y via its Bluetooth 4.0 tech, you will inevitably find a few connection pitfalls. If you’re just chilling on the couch and listening to some tunes, you’ll likely be fine. But if you’re, say, grilling dinner out in the backyard and you forget to leave your […]

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro review: Your guardian awaits

The smart camera will only record events when it sees people. It will ignore animals and other movement. That is not ideal. Most cameras can identify people, but they can also record events for automobiles, or animals, or any other movement. You can see those things if you scrub through the footage (if you have […]

JBL/Under Armour True Wireless Flash X review: Still worth it

After finding the best combination of eartips and earfins, the Flash X showed off the same comfortable but tight fit as their predecessors. That style is great for working out, as these buds didn’t budge in transit during walks and runs, and it creates effective passive noise cancellation with that air-tight seal. But after longer […]

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Review: 5G for just $500

The rear glass has a matte finish. It’s seen here in the ordinary Cyber Grey color, but eye-catching purple and blue models are available, too. Although it’s not overly reflective, it does still attract plenty of fingerprints, and I’m disappointed to see it has collected an inch-long scratch already. This is a surprise, as due […]

Nubia Red Magic 5G review: Hardcore gamer

The phone’s software promotes a 3x, 5x, and a 10x zoom function, but these appear to be entirely digital, and the quality above 3x is poor. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Red Magic 5G is going to challenge the Huawei P40 Pro’s mega-zoom ability. There is a wide-angle mode too, but weirdly the setting […]

Nokia 5.3 Review: $199 really can buy a great smartphone

The Nokia 5.3 is an Android One phone. This means the software is similar to the Google Pixel phones, with no special user interface, additional apps, or other alterations to Google’s basic Android style. Android One also ensures regular and timely software updates, and the phone will receive Android 11 when it arrives, plus be […]

So many watchdogs, so little help

TrustMark. Simon Ayers, chief executive, said he was very sorry to hear of Duncan’s situation but said it was a matter for the police and trading standards: “TrustMark was engaged with the agencies to ensure they were supplied with all information required to support that investigation.”