Startup soars, providing in-house health care in the time of the coronavirus pandemic

Well before the virus swept the nation, Louisiana’s largest health system decided to take a chance on a startup headquartered in New Orleans after struggling for years to reduce unneeded ER visits. Ready was integrated into Ochsner’s medical triage platform in 2018, creating a pathway for Responders to beeline directly to some of their first […]

With COVID-19 receding, we the patients must fix health care

This year, the average American family of four will expend $28,653 on health care, making it the most expensive item on household budgets, more costly than a home mortgage. As for getting care when you need it, wait times to see a primary doctor for a non-COVID-19 problem now exceed the pre-COVID-19 delay of more […]

50% of Americans Say Health Care Reform Should Be Top Priority for Congress

Respondents viewed health care reform as one of the top issues for Congress to address, with the most popular issues focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. “Controlling the spread of the coronavirus” was a top priority for 76 percent of respondents, while 69 percent said the same about stimulating an economic recovery after the pandemic.

Audit: State failing vulnerable kids on mental health care

Despite the importance of mental health services, auditors in the report released this week say state health leaders failed for ten years — under both Gov. Kate Brown and Gov. John Kitzhaber — to set a consistent plan or vision for providing these services, resulting in “system disarray.”

AP fact check: Trump, GOP distort on health care, voting fraud

It’s a $1.5 trillion tax cut over 10 years. As a share of the total economy, a tax cut of that size ranks 12th, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 cut is the biggest, followed by the 1945 rollback of taxes that financed World War II.

Sanders pushes Biden to focus more on wages, health care

But Biden has remained determined to push back on claims from Trump that he’s embraced radical “far-left” policies, distancing himself from calls to defund the police, implement a single-payer health plan and ban fracking. And polls have suggested that voters do not see Biden as a staunch progressive, indicating his moderate reputation remains intact.

Doctors, health care workers to take part in week 2 of anti-dengue campaign in city

“In the second week, the doctors, who continue to remain the backbone in this fight against dengue, have come out in support of the campaign. They are assuring the citizens that Delhi will cope with dengue together. The doctors and other healthcare workers will spread awareness that the Delhi government provides free treatment and testing […]

Health-Care Experts Keep Finding New Terrible Things in the Republicans’ Shoddy Repeal Bill

The primary motive for the latest Republican plan to repeal Obamacare is, as one of its co-sponsors explained in a written statement, a “deadline.” Republicans have one more week to abuse the budget process in a way that would allow them to overhaul the health-care system without any Democratic votes. The frantic rush has created […]

Joe Biden: Trump ‘Trying to Do Away with All Health Care in America’

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Will telemedicine save US health care?

Even before the onslaught of the novel coronavirus, many leading-edge providers had launched care and guidance services via chat, message-based exchange, or video platforms in efforts to improve access to care in a convenient fashion. We have had the fancy gadgets, the need and the capabilities for some time for this to be a normal […]