How China’s influence is changing Hong Kong protests

“The space for resistance is shrinking and the punishments are getting more severe. Lately, it has been harder to win even the smallest victories. Subtler forms of resistance may well become the norm; small ways of showing an unwillingness to accept the loss of things that make Hong Kong distinctive.”

Hong Kong protest graffiti aimed at Chinese President Xi Jinping is ‘blurred out’ on Google’s Street View Map ‘due to an an algorithm error’

This photo taken on October 7, 2019 shows a man pushing a cart past a wall covered in anti-government graffiti in Hong Kong. A representative for the search engine giant claimed that the incident was caused by technical difficulties, according to Hong Kong Free Press

Scandalous secrets of A-list celebs and royals who stayed at Savoy Hotel

Outlandish cakes were a speciality. For the 1963 premiere of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the towering pyramid confection was so spectacular it merited description in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Taylor’s first stay had been in 1950, aged 18, for the honeymoon of her eight-month marriage to her first husband Conrad Hilton Junior. Richard […]

Are we mapping a path to CRISPR babies?

Key figures associated with the U.S. National Academies and U.K. Royal Society joined in the criticism but did not reject heritable genome editing. Instead, they objected to the Chinese researcher’s timing. It was too soon, they said. It hadn’t been done as they thought it should have been. But according to the researcher now being called a “rogue,” it was the National […]