Bottled water company founder is China’s third-richest man after another blockbuster Hong Kong IPO

Fund flows from mainland China were particularly strong. For the first eight months, net flows from China to Hong Kong stocks via the Hong Kong Stock Exchange surged to more than $55 billion, up nearly 190% from a year ago, according to estimates by China Galaxy Securities.

Hong Kong director describes ‘fantastic struggle’ to make new film

    “I think it’s better for me not to comment too much on the situation itself because this film is invested by Chinese companies and they have allowed us to shoot this movie with immense moral complexity and it has passed censorship with very minor cuts,” Hui said.

Hong Kong Business People Set their Sights on America

This week, Hong Kong’s governing body formally withdrew the bill that sparked the original protests earlier this year, but that has done little to appease protesters in this leaderless movement, who say they want the government to do more to stave off what they believe is encroaching control from Beijing

China military show of force near Taiwan has experts asking if island could be the ‘next Hong Kong’

“In the case of Hong Kong, there was always a limit to what could be done. Once it reverted, Hong Kong was part of China, and therefore beyond the reach of outside countries. That is not the case for Taiwan,” added Dean Cheng, national security and foreign policy expert at The Heritage Foundation. “But for […]

‘Love After Love’ Review: Ann Hui’s Pretty, Empty Melodrama Set in Pre-War Hong Kong

Madame Liang is not exactly a warm, motherly figure, and there’s something discomfiting in the way her older friend “Uncle” Situ (Fan Wei) looks at Weilong. But half scandalized and half seduced by this new lifestyle, Weilong moves in and tries to adapt herself to her worldly aunt’s approval. “We do things the British way […]

China threatens to target UK firms including HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover with sanctions if the UK continues to ‘provoke’ Beijing after Dominic Raab suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper said countries like Britain ‘must avoid a China-centric view’ and called on Mr Johnson to help the UK ‘assume a much greater role in global affairs than has been the case in many years’.

Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in China’s Xinjiang

Disney’s “Mulan” remake is facing fresh boycott calls after it emerged some of the blockbuster’s scenes were filmed in China’s Xinjiang, where widespread rights abuses against the region’s Muslim population have been widely documented.

What Are the World’s Happiest Countries?

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Walt Disney World Seeing Cancellations From Florida’s COVID “Ebb And Flow”

CEO Bob Chapek and chief financial officer Christine McCarthy said, however, that the park is meeting the financial criteria set by Disney to sustain a reopening. It has to cover variable costs, plus kick in a little extra. They acknowledged on a conference call to discuss quarterly earnings that they had hoped the little extra […]

Chinese military calls US ‘destroyer of world peace’ following critical DOD report

“We call on the U.S. to view China’s national defense and military construction objectively and rationally, cease making false statements and related reports, and take concrete actions to safeguard the healthy development of bilateral military relations,” he said.