Gene E. Herrick: Korean War memories from a 93-year-old retired journalist on 70th anniversary of war’s start

Moments later, the seriously wounded on stretchers passed us, being carried to the rear. The British were very short-handed. I had to make an instant decision. Should I, as a newsman, continue taking pictures of the evacuation? Or should I help carry a stretcher?

Decorated Iraq War veteran denied community supervision, facing 5 years in prison for pot possession

— Leah Nelson, researcher with Alabama Appleseed “In Mr. Worsley’s case, Alabama’s justice system worked exactly as it was designed to,” Leah Nelson, a lead researcher with the Alabama Appleseed, said. “The arresting officer, judge and prosecutor each exercised discretion at various points, but ultimately, what happened to Mr. Worsley is a predictable outcome of Alabama’s grossly […]

UK war veteran Sir Tom Moore was caught speeding aged 98

When asked earlier in the year why he was raising money for medical staff he told The Guardian: “Our brave nurses and doctors are frontline in this case … this time our army are in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms and they’re doing a marvellous job.”

Bosnia war veteran, 61, with PTSD says picking up fishing rod saved his life

He recalls fishing last summer with a young veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. “I saw this lad and thought, the mess he looks in – probably how I looked two years earlier,” he describes. “He had never fished before. In that first hour he caught seven roach and five rudd. I looked at him and […]

A World War II veteran will get his final wish to have Juicy Fruit-themed casket

Oakey received a contact to the company’s president from a community member and within a few days he received a call from the vice president granting permission to use the logo. The company’s president also reached out a week later saying he would not only be proud to have the Juicy Fruit logo on casket, […]

Army veteran, 33, shoots himself dead in Facebook live-stream despite friends’ desperate attempts to reach him and stop the tragedy

Josh Steen, a friend and co-host of a podcast with McNutt, told Heavy: ’He didn’t seem to be the same guy that left for Iraq once he exited the service. I spent many a late night in our studio, via text message, and in person talking with him about life and his struggles.

Congressional Black Caucus Pushing To Posthumously Award Army Medic The Medal Of Honor

“We believe that the Army has sufficient evidence of the required recommendation to, at a minimum, permit a formal review by an award decision authority,” the letter urged. “Accordingly, we respectfully ask the Army to rectify this historic injustice and appropriately recognize this valorous Veteran with a posthumous recommendation for the Medal of Honor.”

Veterans Advocate Says Trump Has ‘No Integrity’ and ‘No Honor’

VoteVets, an organization that aims to elect veterans to office across the country, released an ad on Tuesday featuring a 98-year-old veteran of World War II urging voters to remove Trump and lawmakers who support him from office at the ballot box in November. “Republicans stand in unified silence against our military and fallen heroes […]

Staff Sgt. David Bellavia Will Become Only Living Iraq Veteran To Receive Medal Of Honor

President Donald Trump will award Bellavia the Medal of Honor on June 25 for his actions during the second battle of Fallujah in 2004. All five previous recipients from the Iraq War were all awarded posthumously. (RELATED: Activist Says He Falsely Confessed To War Crime As Part Of Anti-War Efforts)

In Veteran’s Group Ad, WWII Survivor Condemns Trump and His GOP Allies, Says Troops ‘Are Not Losers’

McCain spent two of his years there in solitary confinement. Suffering from heat, dysentery and malnutrition, McCain was repeatedly tied up and beaten two or three times a week for refusing to sign statements against the United States. He also refused to an early release unless the prisoners captured before him were released first.