Dog shelter slaughter: Horrifying moment volunteer discovers 24 animals beaten to death at Tunisian refuge after locals killed puppies and tortured one by forcing nails into its eye

‘You can’t treat them like dogs in a closed area. They are free and always in the sea and the sand. They may look dirty but they are happy. My dogs are my family so I refuse any accusations.’ 

Hero PC Andrew Harper’s mother slams ‘unduly lenient’ sentences for her son’s killers who will go free in eight years – as she welcomes review of their jail terms

I had to wake his brother that morning on the 16th August and tell him his brother was gone. Andrew’s younger step-sister has spent the last few months looking out for me despite losing her big brother. She looked up to him and adored him as did Andrew’s whole family including grandparents and Andrew’s step-dad […]

Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool,’ diversity, and the secrets of successful marketing

Soon after protests erupted in May following the killing of George Floyd, Reynolds was forced to grapple with his own complicated personal history. His and Lively’s 2012 wedding took place at Boone Hall, a former plantation in South Carolina. Press coverage at the time focused mostly on the glamour of the event, though some pointed […]

Nolte: Oscars Announce End of Artistic Freedom With ‘Diversity Requirement’

In other words, everything forbidden by the Production Code was not forbidden. It did, though, force filmmakers to explore these themes in a subtle way, and this is why, in my opinion, the Golden Era is so golden. What I mean is that if you turn the subtext of those classics into text, they are […]

Margaret Atwood to showcase gothic puppet show for Mary Beard

Like other broadcasters presenting from home, Beard said she was expecting comments about her decor, ornaments and book choices. “I’m bracing myself for a good few queries about the very prominent copy of the speeches of the ancient Athenian orator Lysias, standing out on my own shelves.”

Preschoolers are using apps meant for adults, study finds

“But if the guardrails aren’t up, and it’s super easy to install violent apps or watch streaming videos past midnight, many kids will,” Radesky said. “There are so many engagement-prolonging design features baked into digital products that kids can’t resist.”

Daughters of the bomb: my reckoning with Hiroshima, 75 years later

White mothers do their own kids of color no favors by claiming colorblindness. But my father did not mention such racial matters either. There is a phrase in Japan, “ba no kuuki wo yomu”, which means “to read the air”. It is an unspoken practice of sensing a person’s feelings, or a situation, without words. […]

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

Mother, 68, bizarrely admits to waking up her 21-year-old… How FAKE designer face masks are set to become the next big… Welcome to bonnie Scotland! Queen and Prince Philip arrive… From Ma’am with love! The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince… Viewers swoon over Normal People’s Paul Mescal’s role as a… Mother whose hangover turned out […]

Someone should make a game about: Muscle Men

It turns out Muscle Men came from Japan. The story begins with a manga comic called Kinnikuman, first published in 1978. It told the tongue-in-cheek story of a bumbling superhero called Suguru Kinniku, who one day discovered he was the long lost prince of a planet called Kinniku, planet Muscle to me and you. This […]

We’ve lost 10 babies between us, but just like Gemma Collins we found the strength to go on

Lex, who runs a film company with Zara, says: “I think as a husband, a lot of the time you feel powerless. Guys tend to bury ­emotions and for me, with Jesse, I didn’t grieve and I had panic attacks off the back of that.