50 of the best TV shows to binge on Netflix

Alias GraceThis miniseries is from a couple of years ago, but in case you missed it, it’s definitely worth checking out. In the vein of The Sinner, Alias Grace steps back into its young female protagonist’s past to figure out why she commits murder, of which she has no memory. An adaptation of a Margaret […]

Netflix’s Dear White People releases season 2 trailer which tackles slavery, fake news, and Scientology

‘What’s so funny about her is that she’s not aware of how she’s coming off to the world,’ Waithe said. ‘But, she’s a lot of fun. I just got be like really silly and crazy, and say crazy stuff, because that’s what happens in that world.

Every Question I Had While Watching the Netflix Teen Movie

Disney Channel alum Sabrina Carpenter has been elevating whatever material she finds herself working with since the days of Girl Meets World, and I mentally prepared myself for that to be the case again, going into Netflix’s original teen dance movie Work It, in which Carpenter plays a type A but totally clumsy high-school senior […]

The 40 most terrifying horrors to watch on Netflix right now

38. Wounds This unnerving supernatural thriller – starring the Call My By Your Name star Armie Hammer and the Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson alongside Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz – sees the characters’ inner demons pulled into the real world to mess with their heads.

Best Netflix movies: the 30 best films you can watch on Netflix UK

A Quiet PlaceA Quiet Place is one of the best modern horror movies, and a genuine smash hit of recent years from director John Krasinski. In a post-apocalyptic America, a family must survive as creatures roam once-populated locations, chasing humans down based only on the sounds they make. That results in a lot of clever […]

‘Audrie and Daisy’ star Daisy Coleman dead at 23 after ‘killing herself’ following ‘brutal rape as a teen’

“I feel no resentment towards my attacker only because I have come to realize that he was only passing on some form of negativity to me which at some point was passed onto him so once I came to that realization…that made me forgive him in a sense even though he never presented an apology.”

‘Annabelle In Quarantine’: When Everyone Is Away, The Evil Doll Plays On The Warner Bros Lot – Watch

As you can see below, Annabelle loses her patience back in March by Day 4 of the quarantine, and begins amusing herself around the office. She pops popcorn, takes in Annabelle Comes Home in a screening room, photocopies her body on the Xerox machine, immerses herself in a VR headset, and wolfs down candy with […]

Ghost Of Tsushima Armor Guide: Every Location With Armor To Find

What It Does: Gosaku’s Armor allows aggressive players to really take the wind out of enemies. It provides an increase to your Stagger damage and gives you some health back after killing a Staggered enemy. If you’re unfamiliar with how Staggering works, it’s the damage you do with heavy attacks to an enemy’s defense. When […]

Jeremy Corbyn, Peter Capaldi and Gemma Collins: Your top 5 most commented and shared stories this week

4. Jeremy Corbyn confronted by refugee who explains why they MUST continue to Britain Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited a refugee camp in Dunkirk and was mobbed by a crowd of desperate Kurdish migrants , one of whom told him they should be allowed to enter Britain because of its involvement with their homeland dating […]

Summer Premiere Dates 2019: New & Returning Series On Broadcast, Cable & Streaming

August 4:Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Netflix, Season 1B)Preacher (AMC, Season 4; final season)Serengeti (Discovery, new nature documentary series)Alaskan Bush People (Discovery, Season 10)90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (TLC, Season 3)Unexpected (TLC, Season 3)Unexpected: Baby Bumps (TLC, Season 3)Worst Cooks in America (Food Network, Season 17)UFOs: The Lost Evidence (Travel Channel, Season 3)