How to choose the best cell phone plan for your small business in 2020

Sprint Sprint is in the midst of reorganizing its small business offerings in the wake of its merger with T-Mobile. Today, its small business and cell phone and data plans feature a simple interactive menu that leads to its familiar offerings of Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Premium for $200 and $300 per month respectively for […]

Our Views: Welcome to Phase 3, a start to getting our lives back to normal

If the governor’s actions will help, we think, particularly for small businesses, the failure of the U.S. Congress to act on a new relief bill — including more aid to business, and unemployment insurance supplements — is also another barrier to getting back to normal.

Two days after Hurricane Laura, a McDonald’s business owner gave away 10,000 free meals from a portable restaurant

Patel owns and operates 25 McDonald’s in Louisiana, eight of which are in Lake Charles and surrounding areas. He said his Lake Charles locations were the most affected and remain closed because they don’t have power or running water and there’s severe building damage. Patel said he has about 400-500 employees at those eight Lake […]

California aims to tamp down coronavirus hot spots in hard-hit Central Valley

All eight of the counties are on the state’s watch list for missing certain indicators, suggesting that disease is widespread in the community or hospitals are getting close to capacity. Almost all the counties report that infections tied to work places and social gatherings are driving illness in their communities. Two counties — Kings and […]

The Strange Case of Oprah’s Old Interviews

In the age of dynamic ad insertion, when fresh sponsor reads can be easily introduced into old episodes to keep them bringing in revenue, having a large archive can be a great asset for a podcast. And where a publication or personality has content from another medium like a TV or radio show that can […]

COVID-19 Impact | Seven ways the pandemic has changed how we shop for food

“I love my Foodtown brothers,” he said. “You realize what a crucial link of the chain these guys are. There are a bunch of people creating this thing that we are deeply dependent on for something so intimate, for what we put in our bodies. It has completely changed how I think about grocery shopping.”

Spain’s salad growers are modern-day slaves, say charities

Tensions between migrants and local communities have been growing in recent months. SOC fears a repeat of the violence and rioting that occurred in 2000, in the horticultural town of El Ejido. Mendy explained that they had seen the warning signs in San Isidro last October when a farmer was murdered in his hothouse store […]

Pune-based direct seller clocks Rs 100 crore turnover in 100 days

Jain believes that the economic slowdown, shutting small scale businesses, uncertainties around income, rising unemployment, and pay cuts are the compelling reasons for people to consider an additional income option like direct selling during this pandemic.

Dozens of Amazon’s own products have been reported as dangerous — melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. Many are still on the market

These reviews represented around 1.7% of the roughly 2,600 US reviews posted about the $10.99 device as of late last year, before Amazon removed it from the site. Several included claims of flames and fires like Citro’s. As a comparison, a similar product made by a major consumer electronics company and also sold on Amazon’s […]

Wildfire devastates Latino community in small Oregon town

Everything was gone in communities like his across this town in the Rogue Valley, just south of Medford, Ore. In Phoenix, a town of about 4,500 people, nearly 1,000 housing units have been destroyed by the wildfire raging here, many of them in mobile home and RV parks, according to the town’s mayor, Chris Luz. […]