What’s the TRUTH behind England’s second wave? Imperial report warns of 100,000 daily cases and says the outbreak is doubling every nine days — but Cambridge experts estimate the figures are 55,000 and 17 days

The Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) piled fresh pressure on Boris Johnson to impose tougher restrictions after it warned up to 85,000 people could die in a second wave of the disease. Leaked SAGE projections made in the summer suggest that under a ‘reasonable worst case scenario’ daily deaths could remain above 500 for three […]

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson sets out new restrictions to last ‘perhaps six months’

“And all the medical guidance I have is that by next spring things will be vastly, vastly improved. I’m not going to deny for a minute that things are going to be tough for our country and for our people for months to come. But we will get through it, and we will get through […]

Covid-19 outbreaks are growing quickest in Hull, Derby and Somerset, official data reveals (and only 20 out of 150 authorities across England saw their infection rates drop last week)

Professor Paul Hunter, an infectious disease expert at the University of East Anglia, said: ’The Tier One restrictions are clearly not working in terms of suppressing the epidemic. I suspect the government would decide to increase, in most areas of the country, will at least move into Tier Two in the next month. And some of […]

Who gets free school meals?

Mrs May was forced to abandon her plans because the policy was widely unpopular – and would never have got through Parliament after the Tories failed to win a House of Commons majority.

Tier 3 IS bringing down the R rate in the North West and cases are falling in locked-down Liverpool… but scientists warn Covid-19 outbreak is ‘speeding up’ in the South and tougher measures are needed to stop a crisis

Both teams of scientists say there are major uncertainties in their studies, which are based on statistical modelling of test results. The Cambridge estimates are a couple of weeks out of date because they’re based on deaths, while Imperial’s predictions are ‘interim’ results and may be adjusted in the coming months when combined with longer-term […]

Fascinating heatmaps reveal how quickly Covid-19 swept across Britain during the second wave

Where were the biggest increases in infections?  KEY: Location, percentage surge (change in cases per 100,000 people from the week ending October 12 to the week ending October 18). This box shows areas where cases have risen by more than 50 per cent.

Ministers confirm ALL of Nottinghamshire will enter Tier 3 from Friday with shops banned from selling alcohol after 9pm, beauty salons ordered to shut and shisha banned

In a joint statement, local bosses said: ‘Rising infection rates in Kirklees and the pressure that is having on the NHS is something we must take seriously, and we need to do all we can to improve this situation so we can save lives. However, we do not believe Tier Three restrictions are the best […]

How UK is already OUT-PACING SAGE’s ‘worst case scenario’ projections of 85,000 Covid-19 deaths in second wave – with infections, fatalities and hospital admissions all higher than top scientists feared

Nearly 100,000 people in England are catching Covid-19 every day, the R rate in London is almost THREE – and one in 75 Brits are currently infectious, new Imperial study finds  Nearly 100,000 Britons are getting infected with coronavirus every day, according to results of Government-led surveillance study that suggests the UK is hurtling towards […]

London ‘will go into Tier 3 lockdown in two weeks’ as Britain faces a super-spreader Christmas: Advisers forecast a ‘very, very bleak’ winter – and propose national shutdown either side of 25 December to let families reunite

This map shows the 14-day Covid-19 infection rate in Europe. Most of France is in the highest category of 240 or more cases per 100,000 people, along with most of Spain, all of the Czech Republic, the North of England and many other regions around the continent. French leader Emmanuel Macron last night announced a […]

John Shipton: ‘Don’t Underestimate the Consequence of the Bravery of My Son Julian Assange’

SPUTNIK: Almost exactly 10 years ago, WikiLeaks, the organization founded by Julian Assange, exposed the dark secrets and excesses of the powerful nations of the world as they conduct illegal wars across the planet by publishing the Iraq War Logs, the 22nd of October 2010. Those war logs were published, and they are stunning. They […]