Ports of Auckland worker who died saves six lives through organ donation

Ports of Auckland spokesman Matt Ball told Stuff on Tuesday, there had been no changes to operations at the site since the incident but counsellors were on site to support staff.

Thanks Britain… you saved our lives: They risked all to help our troop – now two more Afghan translators who have settled here with their families share their undying gratitude

Nazir had already taught both boys the alphabet. At school they were given one-to-one lessons to help them catch up, although the closure of schools during lockdown has meant Nazir has been teaching them at home. ‘I think they will soon be speaking better English than me,’ he says. At home, where they speak Pashto, […]

The Mafia is handing out food to Italy’s needy in a bid to impose control over people’s lives as mobsters seek to capitalise on country’s coronavirus crisis

Anti-mafia author Saviano’s comments came the same day an opinion piece in Germany’s Die Welt newspaper warned that if Chancellor Angela Merkel did not ‘stand firm’ and resist Italy’s appeals for so-called coronabonds, or shared eurozone debt, the mafia would benefit.

3.2 BILLION people will have a shortage of drinking water by 2050: Study warns that climate change will cause supplies to decrease by 60%

The fact that the past decade has been the warmest on record bears ‘a clear fingerprint’ of climate change, said the World Meteorological Organization, which just released United in Science 2020, a multi-department assessment of the latest climate science data.

People in Slovakia don’t move ahead much in financial literacy

Economic status has no impact on financial literacy. It was better according to higher education and the size of the municipality. For example, people living in municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants received 7 points more than the rest of the country, while the difference between people with secondary school education without a school-leaving exam […]

Stay indoors or face a fine! Boris Johnson is ‘drawing up tough new plans to fine people flouting self-isolation rules’ after growing numbers ignore advice

‘This decision has been made in collaboration with local leaders who are considering additional local measures to tackle the increase in the number of cases. So to emphasise, this is about mixing between households, it is not about prevention of schools, workplaces, transport, any of the other options – it is about household mixing.’ 

Gatherings of more than six people will be banned from Monday: £100 fines to enforce new limit on meeting indoors and outdoors across England – but schools, weddings and funerals are exempt

The vice-like grip of the virus on our freedoms, the way it has made us feel guilty for craving the most basic human interactions: a glass of wine with a friend, a trip to the shops — once normal pastimes, now viewed with the same horror as a Cardinal stumbling across a pagan orgy in […]

Run to raise funds to save newborn children

Suzanna Lubran, executive director of Newborns Việt Nam, said: “A world of safe newborns starts with each of us, we all have a role to play in supporting Việt Nam in developing first-world care and reducing the number of newborn deaths.”  —VNS

Donald Trump latest news – ‘Doctored’ Biden photos and schools DEFUNDED for focus on slavery, President says – LIVE

This includes programming that is critical of the idea that America is a land of opportunity, or “any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

Scotland and Wales put half a million more people under local lockdowns after spike in cases as Nicola Sturgeon warns parts of the Scottish economy could be closed down again if it fails to ‘step up’ efforts to stop spread of coronavirus

‘We must take this trend seriously and if we want to avoid having to close parts of our economy down again, and I think we all want to avoid that, we must step up our other ways of keeping Covid under control,’ she said.