The many sides of Microsoft’s new two-screen Suface Duo phone

Even though the Duo is much wider than any garden-variety phone would dare to be, it doesn’t come off as a brick. That’s because Panay, chief designer Ralf Groene, and the rest of the team did obsess over thinness and lightness. The Duo weighs 8.8 oz., which is more than a one-screened phone but not […]

Microsoft Surface Duo Will Cost $1,399 on September 10

This is also the first piece of Surface hardware to run something other than Windows. It’s full-on Android, including Google Search, Google Calendar and the Play Store. But Microsoft has also included a bunch of its own software, including Office apps, OneDrive, Edge, Teams and LinkedIn. That’s where we’re most interested: to see how this […]

Microsoft Surface Duo to launch on September 10 at $1,399

Microsoft has finally revealed that it will be launching its dual-screen Android smartphone — Surface Duo on September 10. The price starts at $1,399 and the company has started taking pre-orders in the US. Customers can pre-order the device from AT&T, Microsoft online store, and Best Buy. Microsoft Surface Duo features two separate displays — […]

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Duo Is Here. The Timing’s Not Great

Last October, during a long day of closed-door sessions and windowless-lab meetings with executives and product managers, the kind of closeness that would now make me shudder in the context of a pandemic, Microsoft revealed its dual-screened phone. The joke at the time was that Microsoft refused to call the Surface Duo a phone, identifying […]

Forza Motorsport 6 review – a return to form for Microsoft’s racing series

Not only does it run at 1080p and at an unflinching 60 frames per second, but it has been put together with precision. The downside is long load times, but the plusses outweigh the minuses. Navigating menus is clean and pristine, and there’s still much joy to be found in looking at cars up close […]

Microsoft’s Surface Duo arrives on September 10th for $1,399

Microsoft is also including two batteries in the Surface Duo, split beneath both displays. Overall there’s 3577mAh of capacity, which is considerably less than the 4500mAh found on Samsung’s single-screen Note 20 Ultra and even the 4380mAh on the original Galaxy Fold. Despite this, Microsoft is promising “all day battery life,” which means up to […]

Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG’s Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less

Microsoft Surface Duo: Microsoft’s $1,400 dual-screen Android phone coming September 10 Microsoft’s Surface Duo may be Kin, the sequel Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG’s Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less Surface Duo: This is how you’ll peek at messages and calls Microsoft Surface Duo’s design is winning me over, even without turning it […]

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

Similar to Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia, the service will allow users to play games using cloud computing – having the games run on hardware the phones are connecting to remotely, giving gamers the ability to play higher-quality games on their mobile devices.

Google to Microsoft: Nice Windows 10 patch – but it’s incomplete

“What this means is that an AppContainer can perform Network Authentication as long as it specifies a valid target name to InitializeSecurityContext, it doesn’t matter if the network address is a registered proxy or not. This is probably not by design, but then this behavior only warrants a few throw-away comments with no in-depth detail […]

It’s okay that Joe Belfiore is using an iPhone

Joe Belfiore, the face of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, has today posted a photo from his holiday in Japan and, shockingly, it’s come from an iPhone. There’s an even split in the responses to Belfiore’s tweet between those impressed by his new blond look and the people raising an eyebrow at his smartphone choice. But, honestly, the […]