BEST OF 2017: Which Bollywood Film STOLE Away The Show? VOTE NOW

Hindi Medium This Irrfan Khan- Saba Qamar starrer was crucial in starting a conversation about how English isn’t just a language but associated with a class in our country. The relevant plot coupled with Irrfan Khan’s impressive act and crisp humour proved to be a sure-shot winner and passed with flying colors at the box […]

ServiceNow launches COVID-19 vaccine management software

A mobile and desktop self-service experience; Tracking for vaccine delivery and inventory management. Scheduling for vaccine administrators and supplies. Monitoring of no-shows, recipient feedback, return to the workplace and health. Reminders and notifications on COVID-19 vaccine availability.Communication tools as new segments of the population is eligible for vaccination.ServiceNow said it will add more applications to […]

Oscar winner 1917 got its one-shot approach because of James Bond

How did you go about developing your characters?Chapman: I read a lot of first-person accounts, diary entries and letters written back to home just to get into the headspace of a soldier back then. I watched the Peter Jackson film They Shall Not Grow Old. There was also a photograph of three soldiers. Two of […]

Demon’s Souls (PS5) review: The godfather of a genre gets a new lease of life

Healing items are thin on the ground, and death causes you to lose your current tally of unbanked Souls, the item earned by killing enemies which serves as both the game’s currency and XP. You’ll also be kicked back to the start of the area, but if you can return to where you died without […]

Daily horoscope for Sunday January 24 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

As Mercury doubles back, you’ll get plenty of chances to test this. A sexy passion mix of Venus and Pluto means love won’t be predictable but it will be powerful.