Intelligence community’s top election official: China and Iran don’t want Trump to win reelection, Russia working to ‘denigrate’ Biden

Evanina’s use of the word “denigrate” is also the term the intelligence community used in its 2017 assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at harming Hillary Clinton. The intelligence community also concluded that Russia’s “clear preference” was Trump and aspired to help him, an assessment Trump has pushed back on.

I’ve spent years working at home on my own. Now the whole family is toiling alongside me – and I love it

I work in a shed in the garden, but I used to have the run of the house during the day. Now, wherever I go, I represent a threat to someone else’s concentration. The kitchen table has two screens on it, with power cords permanently stretched across the room at knee height. My wife regularly […]

What role does CIFTIS play in China’s opening-up?

In the second quarter of 2020, China’s economy showed positive growth, while other countries had negative growth. When the world economic situation was depressed, China did not choose to be selfish, but to embody its responsibility as a major power and work together to promote global economic recovery and the development and prosperity of service […]

McConnell works to lock down GOP votes for coronavirus bill

“It’s something I hope 53 Republican senators vote yes on,” said Sen. Ron JohnsonRonald (Ron) Harold JohnsonUS brokers economic breakthrough for Serbia, Kosovo President’s supporters, opponents paint dueling portraits of ‘Donald Trump’s America’ Sunday shows – Democrats target Trump as violence flares MORE (R-Wis.), adding that Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven Terner MnuchinDiscord over state and […]

Head Hand Heart by David Goodhart review – does getting a degree matter too much?

The book was mostly written long before the health crisis, and Goodhart pleads “guilty to Covid confirmation bias – the tendency to see your own assumptions about how the world should evolve confirmed by the pandemic”. To the extent that “essential workers” and NHS staff were extolled over the spring of 2020, while many “knowledge […]

Trump Keeps Calling People ‘Losers.’ Does He Have a Mirror?

On Monday, Trump decided to try and change the narrative with a press conference about job numbers, which I guess are theoretically better than expected, but honestly with 31 million out of work and the enhanced unemployment already having expired in mid-August, I’m not sure how anyone can celebrate. That said, Trump pressers are usually […]

Fact check: World Bank website does not show COVID-19 testing kits were purchased in 2017 and 2018

VERDICT False. The products and product codes shown in the screenshots of the WITS website have been used since 2017 but not in relation to COVID-19. The product descriptions on the website were updated with COVID-related labels in April 2020. Due to misinterpretation, WITS then reverted the product descriptions around Sept. 7, 2020 to clarify the products predated COVID-19.

SJWs Furious After Tech Conference Protects Political Diversity

FCOP’s provisions prohibit sabotaging the community or a member’s profession, including trying to get them fired for religious or political reasons. All together, these pro-ideological diversity features of FCOP may well provide tech communities the structure necessary to fight the political demands and career-destroying tactics of the SJWs.

Coronavirus Hits CBS News As Two Staffers Test Positive; NBC News Asks Employees To Work From Home

In a memo sent to staff in the last hour, CBS News President Susan Zirinsky made the announcement about the sick staffers. The network news boss also told NYC employees to “work remotely for the next two days while the buildings are cleaned and disinfected.” (Read the full memo below)

Sovereign National Conference now, not amendment to 1999 Constitution

Amendment of the 1999 Constitution is not the answer While it is indeed true that no set of rules, including the Constitution of a nation, is etched in stone and incapable of amendments to conform to present realities, the peculiarity of the 1999 Constitution is inherent in the fact that it is not a product […]