Coursera to allow remote working till January 2022, offers $1,000 allowance for ‘office setup’

“We’ll continue to listen to and work with employees to solve other challenges that come up, starting with a focus on wellness, promoting the use of our flexible vacation policy, and workshops to help managers lead remote teams effectively,” said Jacquet.

Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

Nothing online can be 100 percent secure. But as Luis Corron, the technical director of PandaLabs points out, as adults we can help secure their digital life as best as we can. Corron suggests setting up parental controls on devices, web browsers, and all apps that children access. He also recommends using anti-virus software; reviewing the […]

Coronavirus pandemic | Jobseekers turn to remote working roles

There are broadly four types of vaccine — one, a vaccine based on the whole virus (this could be either inactivated, or an attenuated [weakened] virus vaccine); two, a non-replicating viral vector vaccine that uses a benign virus as vector that carries the antigen of SARS-CoV; three, nucleic-acid vaccines that have genetic material like DNA […]

Lack of cloud expertise, controls leave APAC firms vulnerable in remote work

Amongst global companies that brought in new technologies to adapt to a new remote workplace, 63% turned to enterprise collaboration tools such as Zoom, Cisco Systems’ Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Another 52.1% adopted privacy tools including VPNs and encryption, while 46.9% brought in endpoint cybersecurity tools including antivirus, patch management, and vulnerability assessments, according to […]

Scaling New Heights: Surge in Remote Work Fuels NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Program

“As the world continues to adapt to working remote, we see unprecedented demand for high-performance managed desktop as a service across all industries,” said Robert Green, president and CTO of Dizzion. Jviation, an aviation engineering firm, relies on Dizzion to optimize its end-user experience, especially for high-end graphics, video collaboration and other media-intense workloads.

Office Ready? Jetson-Driven ‘Double Robot’ Supports Remote Working

The Double has been a popular ticket at tech companies on the East and West Coasts in the five years prior to the pandemic, and interest remains strong but in different use cases, according to the company. It has also proven useful in rural communities across the country, where people travel long distances to get […]

Does COVID-19 spell curtains for the office?

“In the short term, social distancing means that we actually need more space per person in offices. And in the long term, there will still be a demand for office and meeting space as there are some interactions that are better in person. This may provide opportunities for flexible office and meeting space providers at […]

Working parents face backlash

“We have to put the mental health and wellbeing of our people front and center like never before. The environment is placing even greater demands on employers, many of whom are stepping in to fill the gaps our people are faced with — for example, parents of school-aged children who are juggling work and distance […]

Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

“Turn your brain off. Sometimes to be creative you need to stop thinking about what you are supposed to be working on,” said Glickman. “Building those breaks into your schedule where you actually do something other than work — you can do that during the day now.”

How to change the way we view women’s worth at work

Funding employee resource groups (ERGs). Katie Dunlap, from YourCause, defines ERGs as “groups of employees with shared interests who come together to support each other and learn from one another. ERGs typically align around demographics or life circumstances. ERGs are often a place where professional and personal development, support, information sharing, community outreach, networking, recruiting, […]