NBA teams’ average value reaches $2BILLION for the first time with the New York Knicks retaining the top spot at $4.8billion – despite their struggles on the court

Despite some disappointing early Nielsen ratings and a pre-season public relations crisis in China, the NBA’s future is looking bright as the average team is now worth over $2 billion for the first time, led by the New York Knicks and their $4.6 billion valuation.  

Let’s show the world, we stand as one: Virat Kohli urges people to join PM Modi’s #9pm9minute appeal

“Let’s shine our lights on the Frontline Warriors who are showing us the path from this darkness! Let’s ignite the spirits of a billion strong TEAM INDIA @BCCI From our Dressing room, to your Doorstep, the Lakshman Rekha has been drawn…We are with you @narendramodi ji,” tweeted Pandya.

‘Yay Matty! Could you TAKE any longer?’ Matthew Perry joins Instagram and gets a funny welcome from Jennifer Aniston and his famous Friends

Ouch! Rachel comes by and sees it too and then Phoebe shouts ‘Chandler and Monica! Chandler and Monica! Ohh my eyes! My eyes!!! Oh!!’ as she shuts her eyes in pain

‘Great Game’ in Sahel: Europe Forms New Task Force, US Eyes Drawdown, Terrorists Team Up

“The so-called international community acted in a badly organized fashion, which is understandable as each state seeks its national interests, and actors like the EU does not have sufficient unity in foreign policy to achieve real success … There could be a global, general approach, mixing security and development. States could allow resources to help […]

How rival science teams at Imperial College and Oxford University giving conflicting advice on coronavirus were born out of a sex smear that splintered the academic world

After Professor Gupta applied for a readership, the panel granted it to her by six votes to two, but Sir Roy is said to have suggested she was being assisted by her head of department and accused her of having a relationship with him, an assertion he later admitted was false.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Episode 15 Spoilers: What Happens in the Finale?

Outside Alexandria, Eugene and his group have their first real encounter with Princess. She’s just as goofy as expected. While she helps them on their path toward Stephanie, she leads them to a mine field simply because she was having too much fun and didn’t want it to end. She also promises them “wheels” to […]

Prince Harry to possibly return to the British Army as COVID-19 response team aid

News regarding this possibility came out after the army’s official website put out a notice stating, “We value your previous service, and if you’re thinking of coming back, there’s a job waiting for you. If you have served in the Regular Army, you can return to full time service even if you left under the […]

The 10 best rugby league stories of the week

After their devastating last minute loss to the Blues, Maroons coach Kevin Walters has talked about what his future holds and whether he will hang around rep footy or make a move to the club ranks. See what Kevvie had to say here.

From Microsoft 365 to Teams here’s everything Microsoft announced last night

— Outlook is getting a new feature on the web that will allow users to manage their meetings and commitments in one place. “With these new features, you can link your personal calendar to your work calendar to show your real availability in your work account, while still maintaining privacy around the details of personal […]

Huawei Mate 10 Pro to launch on AT&T in February 2018

In addition to this, it’s also reported that Yu sent out an internal memo saying that certain elements of EMUI were “stupid.” EMUI is Huawei’s Android skin that’s been present on its devices for years now, and while the company did start to really clean things up with the Mate 9, you wouldn’t find us […]