Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the global investment flow is likely to contract by 40% in 2020, but in Vietnam, newly registered capital has risen 6.6% and the number of new FDI projects inched up over 22% during the pandemic, Do Nhat Hoang, head of the ministry’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), said while addressing a dialogue […]

What actions are businesses taking to make their premises safer in another big shake?

Leading the research, Dr Tracy Hatton said the recent 10th anniversary of the first Canterbury quake, at Darfield 40 kilometres west of Christchurch, was a good time to remind businesses to look at the seismic hazards in the premises not related to the strength of the building itself.

It’s not ‘business as usual’ until Brexit. UK scientists are already feeling the effects

Building a consortium and producing a competitive proposal typically takes about 9-12 months. It then takes about another 9-12 months for the commission to evaluate proposals and establish formal contracts for the lucky winners. So if you have an idea for a project today, it will be about 18 to 24 months from now that […]

Lehman Brothers collapse: five years on, we’re still feeling the shockwaves

Blanchflower had outlined his reasoning in the spring of 2008, when he said the UK was following the US through four stages of descent into recession. “First the housing market weakens, then consumer confidence collapses, then the labour market falls, then output drops. In the UK by the spring of 2008 we had gone through […]

COVID-19 Impact | Seven ways the pandemic has changed how we shop for food

“I love my Foodtown brothers,” he said. “You realize what a crucial link of the chain these guys are. There are a bunch of people creating this thing that we are deeply dependent on for something so intimate, for what we put in our bodies. It has completely changed how I think about grocery shopping.”

Boris’s mass COVID testing moonshot ‘to cost £100BILLION’: PM’s plan to get life back to normal is forecast to cost almost as much as entire NHS budget – as experts warn it may not even be possible

He signalled that the ‘rule of six’ limit on how many people can socialise together will be in place for some time to come, after partying among the younger generation fuelled a sharp rise. Apart from a vaccine, he said the only other way out before Christmas was a ‘moonshot’ of introducing mass daily testing […]

How does a Sturgis-sized crowd affect COVID-19? It’s complicated

Based on cell phone data, though, 90 percent of the rally-goers came from places outside the state. Yet when you look at the counties identified by the Sturgis study authors as contributing the highest number of attendees, you don’t see similar surges. According to their model, in the three weeks following the rally, Covid-19 infections […]

Renewable Energy: Operators ready to support govt aspirations — Adebajo

For example, the CBN fund with reduced interest rates for businesses, the NIRSAL facility for smaller businesses, a healthcare fund, and payments to people on the social register. Importantly, the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) including the plan to introduce five million Solar Home Systems for twenty-five million people. This is very commendable and an excellent […]

The Conservative Case for Organized Labor

How do you imagine this kind of labor reform actually coming about? For decades, progressives have failed to pass pro-labor legislation that enjoyed the united support of existing unions. Each time, they’ve run into the basic problem that, while there are many states with no significant union presence, there are no states that lack an organized […]

Diagnosis for family doctors: Less money, greater hardship, and patients on video

“Family medicine has politely whispered for years that [fee-for-service] was an illogical payment construct for primary care,” Shawn Martin, chief executive of the American Academy of Family Physicians, wrote in an April blog post, “and the COVID-19 pandemic simply put a giant spotlight on this issue.”