Black North Carolina business owners adapt to financial uncertainty amid pandemic

“I was offering a lot more personal one-on-one concierge services, but I also felt like I was putting myself in harm’s way, being that I have two children,” said Morgan. “But I had to make a decision: do I sit at home and not bring in any income—because I went through my 401(k), I went […]

Brexit: Covid debt leaves small business ‘vulnerable’ to no deal

Blair and Major urge MPs to reject Brexit bill Analysis: Despite bitter row can deal still be done? UK signs first major post-Brexit trade deal “That is what the people who voted to leave the European Union expect.”

‘I started a fashion business from two suitcases’

‘I was standing at the wrong end of a machine gun’ ‘Someone needs to help parents control their kids’ spending’ The gaming boss who gets addicted to the games ‘My chronic acne inspired me to start my own skincare company’ ‘I used to hate road cycling, now I design biking gear’ Her tailors are working […]


Furthermore, Adani’s renewable energy projects exceeded the total installed capacity of the US solar industry in 2019, whilst they will help reduce over 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions during the course of the average individual’s lifetime. Indeed, Adani is one of the most integrated solar power manufacturing enterprises globally, with operations in photovoltaic modules […]


Le Thi Huynh Mai, director of the city Department of Planning and Investment, said the total retail sales of goods and service revenue during the period reached about VND827 trillion, down 3.3 per cent from the same period last year, while total budget revenue was more than VND216.7 trillion, down 17.37 per cent over the […]

‘I’m hopeful but cautious’: business owners on UK recovery

Tima Rashad, west London, beauty salon owner “When we reopened back in July it was like Christmas come early for about two weeks,” said Rashad. “But then in August it was awful. The worst we’ve ever had. It seemed that people came and got their nails done then went to the countryside or abroad.”

Bankruptcy filings are mounting. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

US companies sold more than $40 billion of junk bonds in August alone — more than quadruple the amount from the same period of 2019, according to Fitch Ratings. Junk bond volume is already nearing the record-shattering $281 billion raised in 2012, Fitch said.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh notes that immediately after the Government issued a decree on the certification of fragrant rice varieties exported to the EU, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) also issued a decision to instruct local businesses on relevant procedures on the certification of fragrant rice […]

So Sarah Palin Started a Political Action Committee. What Does That Mean?

This morning, Cindy Adams reported that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin started her own political action committee called SarahPAC. (She also “reported” that Palin wants to be president, but the former actually qualifies as “news.”) According to Adams, SarahPAC was registered in Virginia and “patterned after Hillary [Clinton’s] HillPAC. The website for the PAC is already […]

Chris Evert works to jump-start tennis at Grand Slam, grass-roots level in pandemic’s wake

“Tennis players are creatures of habit: They are used to going to the same restaurants, practicing with the same people and using the same locker room,” Evert said in a telephone interview, alluding to all the norms that have been altered by the U.S. Open’s strict protocols. “So, it’s going to take a special player […]