Google Pixel 4a vs. Samsung Galaxy A51: Battle of the budgets

Unfortunately, the A51’s camera tends to struggle in poor lighting, which often robs it of the ability to take usable or sharable photos. The Pixel 4a doesn’t have this issue, however, and while the A51 is a perfectly adequate camera phone, the 4a is basically as good as any premium smartphone. It uses the same […]

WhatsApp Pay awaits SC verdict to launch service

WhatsApp will need an all-clear from the Supreme Court before it can roll out its payment feature, people familiar with the matter said. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) — the nodal agency for retail payments in the country — has already given it the go-ahead, saying WhatsApp Pay has fulfilled all data localisation […]

Pixel 5 availability shows Google still can’t get its act together

The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 will be sold in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States. Google doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to launching its devices globally, with the Pixel 4a itself limited to just 13 markets. Google isn’t launching the Pixel 4a 5G […]

RBI to bring Positive Pay mechanism for cheque transactions

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced positive pay in an effort to enhance safety of cheque payments. Positive Pay is a mechanism to detect fraudulent cheques by using automated cash-management services. Banks can use positive pay to ensure that the cheque matches between the issuer and for the one presented for payment. RBI […]

Australian news generated AU$10m in revenue for Google in 2019

“The ‘indirect value’ argument also overestimates the relevance of a small fraction of hard-to-monetise queries and fails to consider that ‘indirect value’ cuts both ways — Google Search encourages lots of traffic to news publishers from users who weren’t originally looking for news content at all,” it said. “As an example, a search for ‘Melbourne’ […]

Virginia becomes first US state to roll out pandemic app from Apple, Google

Virginia has rolled out a smartphone app to automatically notify people if they might have been exposed to the coronavirus, becoming the first U.S. state to use new pandemic technology created by Apple and Google. But hopes for a nationwide app that can work seamlessly across state borders remain unrealized, and there are no known […]

Google ‘secretly working on futuristic ‘Passport’ phone that folds out into a full-size tablet’

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Alexa vs. Google Assistant vs. HomeKit: Which smart home platform to choose?

On the other hand, if you prefer the Android operating system (or are a fan of Google devices in general), then Google Home may be the best pick for you. Google Home is also more streamlined and more catered toward entertainment. A Chromecast makes it possible to stream your favorite music and movies to the […]

Google kills the Pixel 4, making it the shortest-lived Pixel ever

Both early discontinuations are starting the alarming trend of Google exiting segments of the smartphone market for months at a time. The Pixel 4’s successor, the Pixel 5, is not out yet and doesn’t even have a firm announcement date. Right now, the best guess for when Google will return to the high-end smartphone market […]

Germany: Travelers to do mandatory coronavirus test — or pay up to €25,000

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued a video appeal to his fellow citizens on Monday: ”My request at the end of the holidays: ‘please continue not to take unnecessary risks! And please avail of the opportunity to undergo a test. … Best of luck — and let us look after each other!’”