Inside world’s toughest prison where inmates can be killed fighting for mattress

“With British prisons, it’s all paperwork in an office. But in these places, they use real money, it’s not contraband and it’s how they survive – by buying or bartering.

Federal judge orders Florida to treat sick inmates

Walker said the state was “deliberately indifferent to the serious medical needs” and noted that only 13 inmates of the more than 7,000 eligible had ever been given the antiviral drugs, and three of them were given treatment after being named plaintiffs in the case.

2 Condemned San Quentin Inmates Die Of Apparent COVID-19 Complications

As of Friday afternoon, there were a total of 1,381 infections, with 944 of them occurring within the last two weeks. Dozens of inmates have been treated at Bay Area hospitals under heavy security, including Marin General, Seton Medical Center and Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco.

San Quentin COVID-19 Outbreak Spreads To Susanville Prison, Threatens Inmate Firefighting Work Crews

“The subsequent transfers from San Quentin to the correctional facility in Susanville — this happened after the transfer (of infected inmates) from Chino (to San Quentin) now has that facility with over 200 cases,” she said. “Susanville is the pipeline for our fire camps — and we’re in fire season.”

Population in 60 prisons at 28,950, State tells High Court

The shifting will be done by the superintendent in consultation with the district collector or municipal commissioner or the relevant health officials. The prison authorities and the local police will take care of prisoners’ security concerns, and if an inmate tests positive, contact tracing and their categorisation is required to be done.

Inside UK’s biggest women’s prison – with sex favours for drugs and daily fights

In men’s prisons, it’s known they mix the boiling water with sugar, so it blinds the victim. In a women’s prison, you’re mixing with a majority who have been admitted for non-violent offences, so the risk of an attack shouldn’t really be at the forefront of your mind – but it is.

California Planning To Release Another 8,000 Inmates Early To Reduce Spread Of COVID-19

The 8,000 inmates could be eligible for release by the end of August under the new measures, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Decompressing facilities would allow state prisons to implement physical distancing, isolation and quarantine efforts.

Chino Prison Guard Still Recovering From Coronavirus Nearly 3 Months Post-Diagnosis

When he fell ill in March, doctors were still trying to find the best ways to treat patients. Garcia first got treated with anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which didn’t help. What worked for Garcia was the anti-viral drug remdesivir — which was used for Ebola. He was administered the drug as part of a clinical trial.

Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison wins battle against Covid-19

“Apart from allopathy, other treatments helped us a lot. And now we have learnt a lot about fighting this disease. As we are aware that in other several prisons, COVID cases are rising, we are ready to help them with our experience in whatever way possible,” he said.

Judge rules federal prison must treat inmate’s breast cancer

Beck filed a federal lawsuit, saying her prison in Alabama waited over eight months to get a biopsy after she found a lump in her breast in August 2017, then another two months to schedule surgery.