Will the coronavirus mean failure for African startups?

The continent’s countries are now slowly closing borders and imposing lockdowns, with Rwanda and South Africa leading the way last week. While these measures may help stem rising coronavirus infections, they will also hurt economies. That has been the experience in other markets. The latest US unemployment figures surged to 3.3 million from 280,000 a […]

Direct aid, subsidies, tax breaks – the hidden welfare budget we don’t debate

This orthodoxy has been swallowed by all the main political parties. It has led to the slashing of corporation tax rates, so that Britain has a lower corporation tax rate than the US, Japan or Germany. It has encouraged devolved administrations in Holyrood and Cardiff to disburse millions to big companies, without demanding much in […]

Coronavirus pandemic | Government, SBI warn against fake UPI ID of PM CARES Fund

Through the PIB FACT Check Twitter handle, the government clarified that [email protected] is the correct ID, and requested donors to be careful.Beware of Fake UPI ID being circulating on the pretext of PM CARES Fund.#PIBFactcheck: The correct UPI ID of #PMCaresFunds is [email protected]#PMCARES#IndiaFightsCoronapic.twitter.com/eHw83asBQ9