First look inside Disney’s new Star Wars attraction before it opens to the public tomorrow

Star Wars nerds can finally discover what Luke Skywalker’s Blue Milk from A New Hope (frozen drink made from non-dairy milk) and Green Milk from The Last Jedi (fruit juice) tastes like – both are delicious.

Oracle summons “Ann Droid” in appeal of Java verdict

Oracle has a huge hill to climb to win this appeal, because Google essentially won this case twice. The jury found Google had infringed but split on whether or not its use of declaring code was “fair use.” Then it won a more resounding victory when Alsup ruled that APIs can’t be copyrighted at all. […]

Exclusive Comments: Hungary’s Pro-Family Policy Is Working, Births Up 9.4 Per Cent

Eduard von Habsburg, the Central European country’s ambassador to the Holy See — and great-great-grandson of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary — reported that the “much-ridiculed” policies were also accompanied by a near-100 per cent increase in marriages and the number of children per woman rising to an average of 1.6.

Parliamentary panel summons Twitter CEO to appear before it on February 25

The Parliamentary panel on information technology Monday summoned the CEO of microblogging site Twitter to appear before it on February 25, according to the committee’s chairman. Sources said the panel members took a serious note about the Twitter head not appearing before it on Monday. The committee’s chairman and BJP MP Anurag Thakur said Twitter […]

Switch, PS4 Exclusives Get Great Discounts In GameStop’s Spring Sale

Some of the best deals in GameStop’s Spring Sale are on Nintendo Switch games. First-party titles including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Splatoon 2 are on sale for $40 each. While we saw Breath of the Wild cheaper than $40 on Black Friday, it’s rarely available […]

Simon Cowell prepares fresh war on Little Mix after their show The Search was postponed due to coronavirus

But my source added that the gap in the schedules means Simon is now planning a big hitter to compete with them – and he even hopes to get it on air before their show goes out.

Brad Pitt’s Plan B Sets First-Look Film Deal With Warner Bros. Pictures (EXCLUSIVE)

“Brad, Jeremy and Dede are extraordinary filmmakers,” Emmerich and Valenti said in a statement. “Their track record of excellence speaks for itself. We are so excited to collaborate with them on the dynamic and singular movies for which they are known.”

The Queen’s stirring message felt like a rallying call to a nation at war- but then so it should, as we are

But he says waiting to invest in the one that will succeed will delay that success by months, and his billions are a drop in the ocean compared with the trillions the disease is costing world economies.

It’s A “Cold War Every Day” Inside This Group At Apple

Apple is not the only tech giant maintaining a large contractor workforce that operates under questionable conditions. Facebook, Google, and Amazon all employ sizable numbers of contractors, with many working as hard full-time employees without the same benefits and salary. These contractor armies are growing fast, and advocates are starting to take note and push […]

CM calls for more hands to join war

Accepting that number of positive cases are rising, Mr. Thackeray said it was also because of the increase in testing. “There are questions on why we are not buying personal protective equipment kits from the market, or ventilators. We are buying them, but we need to adhere to certain standards.”