Photo exhibition features career of veteran tuồng star

People’s Artist Đinh Bằng Phi hopes that young artists will work hard to preserve and develop tuồng (classical drama). — Photo courtesy of the HCM City Theatre Association 

David Attenborough featured in HELLO! magazine’s Kind List

“He is fascinated by how the natural world works and is keen to share that with everyone. As the issues facing our planet have become more serious, David is equally determined to share with people how protecting the natural world is vital for every one of us.

Oprah Winfrey featured in HELLO! magazine’s Kind List

“There is something that you can do in your life right now, today, to make a difference in the life of somebody else’s. To extend yourself in kindness, to anybody, is an extension of kindness in the world.” – Oprah Through her Oprah Winfrey Foundation, she has donated millions of dollars to organisations such as […]

METRO/MAKRO encourages people all over the world to order Christmas menu at a restaurant nearby

Gisele Musa, VP/Global Director Branding METRO AG,: “Usually our communication is targeting our professional customers, but with #GiveYourKitchenABreak we stretched our audience, also in terms of media spent, to connect with the general public. Because of the pandemic, the gastronomy business is having the hardest time ever; but also, people are fed up with their […]

Pianist Anh to perform to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday

In 2017, Anh and pianists Dương Vũ Minh, Lưu Đức Anh và Nguyễn Phú Sơn, who have studied piano for years in Europe, established the Maestoso group to contribute to the development of classical music in Việt Nam.

Lindsay Lohan Will Eat Food for Work

Lindsay Lohan’s moving beyond her spray tan and legging lines, or at least trying to. The rehabbed starlet is in talks to sign on as Emanuel Ungaro’s “creative consultant,” but the company’s head designer is threatening to leave the company if Lohan joins. And in a refreshingly healthy move, producers of LiLo’s next film, The […]

Key West voters ban big ships in harsh rebuke

This month the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention replaced its no-sail order, in effect since mid-March, with a long list of requirements cruise companies need to meet in order to restart passenger operations, including weekly COVID-19 testing of all crew, practice voyages and extra monitoring. CLIA member lines have canceled U.S. cruises until […]

Princess Diana fans spot baffling issue in every official photo of her and Prince Charles

A third wrote: “I think the actress playing Diana is too short. The fact that Diana was the same height as Charles (and taller in heels) affected the way she walked into a room or comported herself with Charles and other men of average height. Just sayin’.”

Why ‘Hillbillies’ Don’t Do Networking

The disadvantages of the “hillbillies,” as Vance affectionately refers to his tribe, stem to a large extent from a lack of connectivity—therein lies the schism between the hillbillies and the elite. Vance underscores this point when he describes how, despite his challenging upbringing, he accomplishes the otherwise unthinkable: admittance to Yale. Here, he discovers “a […]

Analysis of CCTV footage from Lekki toll gate raises new questions about shooting

In a letter addressed to CNN on November 23, Nigeria’s Ministry of Information demanded an internal investigation into CNN’s reporting, as a “form of remediation” and to “determine whether it met the basic standards of journalism.” The Minister added in the letter that the “Federal Government reserves the right to take any action within its […]