iPhone fell in water. YouTuber finds it 15 months later and it still works

The surprising story of a YouTuber finding a lost iPhone underwater and realising it still works has left many on the Internet thoroughly amazed. A video shared on the ‘nuggetnoggin’ YouTube channel details the man’s incredible find. It also shows the YouTuber, Michael Bennett, returning the phone to its rightful owner after it was lost […]

‘Have To Remember Social Distancing, Need To Protect Our Families’: Phillies Manager Joe Girardi Has Message For Fans Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The Phillies new manager Joe Girardi knows that fans are likely feeling a bit down and disappointed, so he took to the team’s Twitter account Monday to send a message to fans. In the video, Girardi empathizes with fans’ disappointment but urges fans to stay strong and protect their families.

How to Turn Off Cellular Data on an iPhone or iPad

iPhone X or newer/iPad running iOS 12 or later: Swipe down from the top right of the screen. iPhone 8 or earlier/iPad running iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. (Control Center first appeared in iOS 7.) Once you do that, Control Center will pop up. Find the circular icon that looks […]

Apple plans to add a 3D sensor to the back of the iPhone, too

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been aggressively promoting AR to both consumers and investors. In a recent interview with The Independent, Cook said that he expects the adoption and impact of AR to be as dramatic as that of mobile apps when the Apple App Store launched more than nine years ago. There are also […]

iPhone 12 Pro leak shows a quad-lens camera with a new iPad Pro feature

The image, which was spotted by conceptsiphone and corroborated by numerous other sources and leakers, shows a square camera block in the top left corner of the phone, just like the iPhone 11 Pro has, but this time there are four lenses squeezed in rather than three.

Should you lead or defend?: Messaging in the time of coronavirus

Akshaya VijayalakshmiThe latest Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) figures show that Indian viewers are spending an increasing amount of time consuming traditional and new media. Specifically, the time spent on news apps have gone up. Covid- 19 is at the top of everyone’s minds. It is significantly impacting many of our daily actions. Given such […]

Coronavirus: What next for the NFL’s key dates?

“During this period, the league and union, through their respective medical consultants, will develop a standard set of protocols for clubs to implement regarding facility cleaning and maintenance, equipment preparation, steps to identify players and staff who may be at an elevated risk for the coronavirus and other preventative measures,” the league said in a […]

Democrats struggle to keep up with Trump messaging on coronavirus

The Speaker is also trying to ensure that the trillions in aid from the first three coronavirus packages are being spent appropriately. Last week, she appointed Majority Whip Jim ClyburnJames (Jim) Enos ClyburnWhy Gretchen Whitmer’s stock is rising with Team Biden Democrats fear coronavirus impact on November turnout Top GOP lawmakers push back on need […]

Terminator Star Revives His Role as Kyle Reese to Share Coronavirus Message

ComicBook Nation PodcastIn this latest episode we breakdown the controversy surrounding the PS5, talk about some big movie and gaming release date changes, and preview how Wrestlemania 36 is continuing despite the Coronavirus Pandemic! Listen & Subscribe!Disclosure: ComicBook is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.

Don’t mock the rock – Tracey Emin’s wedding is a message to single women

We should see singledom not as some freakish deviation from the natural order, a problem to be pitied or fixed, but an interesting life stage in its own right; perhaps, even, a luxury not available to previous generations married off the minute they left school. Britons are certainly marrying later, if we marry at all. […]