The representative of the MOIT’s Import-Export Department said Viet Nam has advantages in production and export of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, while the EU has a large demand for these items that have accounted for 8.4 per cent of total annual import value. This shows great potential in export growth from Viet Nam to […]

Black North Carolina business owners adapt to financial uncertainty amid pandemic

“By any means necessary we were going to assure that our staff was paid,” said Williams, who also has other jobs. Though the restaurant has reopened, Williams is still using personal funds to help keep the restaurant afloat. The restaurant can stay open for another six months at its current revenue levels by “cutting it […]

NFL wide receiver charged in $24 million coronavirus loan scam by federal prosecutors

Prosecutors in the Southern District of Florida say Bellamy, 31, worked with a man named Phillip Augustin to obtain the loan. Augustin allegedly obtained a fraudulent PPP loan for his talent management company using falsified documents and then helped others, including Bellamy, do the same for their companies, receiving a kickback in return. Prosecutors allege […]

Brexit: Covid debt leaves small business ‘vulnerable’ to no deal

Blair and Major urge MPs to reject Brexit bill Analysis: Despite bitter row can deal still be done? UK signs first major post-Brexit trade deal “That is what the people who voted to leave the European Union expect.”

‘I started a fashion business from two suitcases’

‘I was standing at the wrong end of a machine gun’ ‘Someone needs to help parents control their kids’ spending’ The gaming boss who gets addicted to the games ‘My chronic acne inspired me to start my own skincare company’ ‘I used to hate road cycling, now I design biking gear’ Her tailors are working […]


Quang Ninh has proactively invested in infrastructure development, particularly in transport, according to Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Ky. Total investment under the public-private partnership (PPP) model in transport over the last five years stands at nearly 50 trillion VND, Ky said, with only about 9 percent sourced from the State.


A report released by the MoIT shows that during the first eight months of the year, the local garment and textile industry contributed approximately US$22 billion to the country’s overall export turnover, despite recording declines of more than 11% compared to the same period last year. Indeed, resurgence of novel coronavirus outbreaks globally has also […]

CCB ramps up fintech efforts

The second-largest State-owned commercial lender by assets in China created accurate customer profiles by introducing more than 30 categories of data from the government and third-party institutions and cross-check the external data with the internal data from the bank to solve problems of information distortion and information asymmetry that exists between financial institutions and small […]

Donald Trump BANS visitors from Europe from entering the US for 30 days starting at midnight on Friday – but excludes the UK and Ireland – in effort to staunch coronavirus pandemic. But how will it slow spread of virus ALREADY inside US?

‘America is the Greatest Country in the world. We have the best scientists, doctors, nurses and health care professionals. They are amazing people who do phenomenal things every day,’ Trump wrote in another tweet. ‘Together we are putting into policy a plan to prevent, detect, treat and create a vaccine against CoronaVirus to save lives […]


The material can be applied as highly-activated mineral additives in the production of cement, concrete, and mortar, or as a binder to reinforce weak ground. With S95, it is possible to mass produce concrete by reducing hydrothermal heat, producing heat resistant concrete due to increased thermal stability, with durability in seawater, salt water, and brackish […]