‘In the last hours of my life, you inspired me’: Civil Rights icon John Lewis urged Black Lives Matters protesters to ‘redeem the soul of America’ and ‘answer the highest calling of your heart’ in powerful essay written just before his death

JOHN LEWIS’ FINAL MESSAGE While my time here has now come to an end, I want you to know that in the last days and hours of my life you inspired me. You filled me with hope about the next chapter of the great American story when you used your power to make a difference […]

Black Lives Matter meets Animal Crossing: how protesters take their activism into video games

Whether or not game developers welcome these demonstrations is a different story. Ebonix says that The Sims creators supported her rally, even retweeting a post she made about the march. But as Robinson points out: “When developers have to make hard and fast decisions about what they do or don’t take down, it can enter […]

Billy Bob Thornton: A life in film

Sling Blade, as well as proving that Thornton could direct, established his other trademark: a willingness to look odder or uglier than any actor around. Thornton, with an awkwardly cropped head, stars as Karl, the hulking, low-IQ but sweet-natured man who has spent almost all his life in prison for murder. The critic Roger Ebert […]

Coronavirus: ‘I survived, but am now living a nightmare’

‘A lot to learn’Dr Michael Head, senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton, told the BBC that while little is known at this stage about long-term effects of the virus, stories like Jennifer’s are becoming increasingly common.

UK weather today LIVE – Britain to be hotter than Barbados as 39C is set to bring record-breaking heatwave

Headache – the first sign of heatstroke is a headache, caused by dehydration Dizzy – you may feel dizzy or confused when you stand up Loss of appetite – If you don’t feel like tucking into your BBQ, or you feel sick, you may potentially have heatstroke Floppy and sleepy – NHS states that if […]

Foo Fighters Beat the Storms, Pummel the People With Hits Down Under: Live Review

He wasn’t kidding. The hit parade was on — “Breakout,” “My Hero,” “Learn To Fly,” “Monkey Wrench”, “Times Like These,” “All My Life.” The Foos tried-out “Congregation” and “Outside” from the new album, Sonic Highways, a No. 1 hit on its release here last November (and sixth career No. 1 in Australia). Both were well-received […]

The secrets of celebrity weight loss! How nutritional therapist Gabriela Peacock keeps her VIP clients in shape AND feeling great

5. Combine fiber and protein throughout the day: Putting protein with a complex carbohydrate will slow down the blood sugar release, so you’ll have stable energy levels throughout the day. Glucomannan drinks are a great way to boost your fiber intake in addition to the fiber you get from food.

PICTURED: The Great British Bake Off has a new home closer to judge Paul Hollywood’s pad as the show’s tent crops up while series 11 gets underway

A representative for Love Productions told MailOnline: ‘We are working hard to deliver Bake Off to the audience this year, the priority is the safety of everyone involved in the production of the series.’ 

EXCLUSIVE ‘I need to have that chemistry’: Ferne McCann admits her dating life has ‘fallen flat’ of late… but she’s stopped looking for love after ‘finding herself’ in lockdown

On her upcoming Pelvic Power by Always Discreet workouts, Ferne gushed: ‘It’s going to be lots of different exercises, simple fun, just to encourage women who might be experiencing bladder leaks, might not have had a child, just women of all ages to get involved, try something new and teach them how to do it. 

The Royal Family is having a great pandemic. By contrast, the Sourpuss Sussexes are sucking on lemons

The Sussex machine, meanwhile, is graunching its gears. It’s shown all the grace and timing of Ann Widdecombe spinning on her bum across the Strictly dance floor. As millions struggle to survive, physically and financially, these two gave the thumbs-up to a book that cemented their petulance in the public mind. A long list of […]