What to expect out of on-campus life at UA

“Housing will not be providing move-in assistance in an effort to reduce contact between individuals,” Santander said. “We will have rolling cardboard bins and hand trucks available at each dorm to help unload stuff, but families will be strongly encouraged to bring their own to help reduce spread. Just like elsewhere on campus and in […]

Going smarter and more sustainable: value proposition for urban development

Beng smart and more sustainable has become an urgent need in urban development It is estimated that the world’s population grows by 74 million people every year, which causes concerns the global population could reach 11 billion by 2050. By that time, humanity would demand a much larger planet – one that is three-times as […]

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

Among the key figures to emerge during the April rebellion was Farhana Yamin. Her experience – as a former UN lawyer who had helped draft the Paris agreement and worked on many of the key climate treaties of the past three decades – enhanced XR’s credibility, and she became one of the group’s most convincing […]

Tribute to Isa Funtua: Adieu, Baba Sama

However, with the guidance and support of some editorial staff, particularly Ali Mohammed Sabi’u (presently Kaduna State correspondent of Tribune), I started writing articles on politics and other national issues and later on “graduated” into writing news stories, an expedition that made the late Baba to sustain his efforts in convincing me to switch to […]

Number of UK citizens emigrating to EU has risen by 30% since Brexit vote

The biggest jump in migration was to Spain, where an estimated 380,000 British nationals live. Registration has not been essential in the country so many have lived there without being included in official Spanish immigration data, with an average of just 2,300 a year registering as migrating to the country between 2008 and 2015. After […]

UN chief outlines “bold steps” for education amid COVID-19 disruption

The UN chief also called for greater investment in education, as low- and middle-income countries had already faced an annual funding gap of 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in schooling prior to the pandemic, saying “education budgets need to be protected and increased.”

Isaias downgraded over North Carolina as East Coast braces for flooding

“Across the country, we’re seeing horrific violence, we’re seeing our country torn apart. Violent anarchists and Marxists are exploiting protests to transform them into riots and direct assaults on the lives and safety of their fellow Americans,” Cruz told Fox News in an interview.CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

LAPD Investigating Hate Crimes After Armenian-Azerbaijani Protest

“We stand with the Armenian community against violence,” he tweeted. “Azerbaijan must end its provocative and dangerous threats to strike Armenia’s civilian nuclear power plant, and must admit international monitors. Dialogue and diplomacy are the only paths to peace and safety for the region.

From Ma’am with love! The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William wish Meghan Markle happy birthday on Instagram as the Duchess turns 39 in LA days before release of bombshell biography

During that first date at London’s Dean Street Townhouse the couple spent three hours in conversation, Harry drinking beer and Meghan sipping martinis. Harry was said to be ‘in a trance’ and had told himself: ‘I’ve got to up my game here’ when trying to impress the LA-born actress.

Japan’s ninja arts hold key to survival, says Genichi Mitsuhashi, the first winner of graduate degree

He runs an inn in Iga, a small city traditionally known as the home of many ninjas, while teaching martial and ninja arts at his own dojo, offering aspirants a taste of a tradition some experts fear could die out entirely because of scarce talent.