Mystery Jets, Making Dens

The words are randomly poetic rather than significant, in keeping with the band’s buoyant – but frustrating – spirit of adventure. The Boy Who Ran Away has crowds of people in Waterloo, but no sunset and little explanation of events. The small tale of the indefinable Alas Agnes is swamped by the grandness of the […]

‘Weird? Us?’

Their early live performances don’t exactly sound like a roaring success: “I think the problem might have been the 11-minute prog-rock instrumental we used to open our shows with,” says Blaine. Gradually, however, the band’s sound coalesced into its current peculiar state, in which colanders are bashed in lieu of percussion, Gregorian chanting is namechecked […]

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Shares Four Solo Songs

Following My Chemical Romance’s comeback show in Los Angeles, the band were forced to postpone their Japan tour dates and cancel Australian and New Zealand festivals due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The reunited band’s North American trek, beginning in September, remains on the schedule for now.

The new HBO docuseries ‘Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children’ transcends true crime

Chermayeff: The funerals were very dramatic. At one point, they were happening weekly. They were a very emotionally charged part of the experience for the families. They talked about the funerals a lot. You can see from the funerals, people were carried out screaming. There were nurses inside. A lot of the families talked about […]

Covid-19 lockdown: Tech accessories, products professionals need to work from home

Desks are also important as they play a vital role when it comes to head posture. If you have a desk that is lower than your eye-level, it can become stressful over time. Desk and chair combination go hand in hand here. So a perfect combination here would be a chair and desk that results […]

Coronavirus is a national emergency – so why don’t we have a national emergency government?

As a result, the Tory press is leading the attacks. Doctors and nurses threatened with deportation and changes to working conditions they considered so harmful to patients they went on strike now have the moral high ground. And it is increasingly clear, as the PM self-isolates with a disease he has clearly caught worse than […]

Diversity on television is not just a black and white issue

Actors moaning about racism and women about sexism – none of it is new. After a campaign led by Sir Lenny Henry, the BBC pledged to increase the number of black, Asian and minority ethnic people on air by more than 40% as long ago as June 2014, as well as to almost double the […]

Brit Awards: 40 years of mayhem from sweary Adele to Geri’s Union Jack dress

The Pulp frontman felt “a bit ill” watching Michael Jackson act as a christ-like figure surrounded by kids during his Earth Song performance at the 1998 Brits. So Jarvis jumped on stage, bent over and waggled his hands at his bottom. He was taken to the police cells afterwards. But Jarvis was a hero to […]

George Takei on a rueful journey back in time

“It’s made for America,” he said. “It’s a story about America and our democracy, the glory of our democracy, but also its fallibility. It’s important for Americans to know how vulnerable, how fragile our democracy is. And we need to improve and make our democracy truer, more real by knowing where we failed. It’s a […]

I can’t wait for the school holidays. I can finally stop doing my kids’ homework

“Think you’d have to be a bit more specific, like: ‘Doctors, thanks!’” We agreed that nurses shouldn’t be left out. Then, that we would need some way to get their attention, and landed on: “Oi, nurses and doctors, thanks!” If I had just butted out, and it had been that lame, it would have been […]