‘Interstellar’ Reissue Jolts China With Biggest Single-Day Gross Since Cinemas Reopened – International Box Office

Next weekend adds Fox/Disney’s Ford V Ferrari and DreamWorks/Amblin/Universal’s 1917 (released locally by Alibaba). Each will have an IMAX component in China. They will be followed by a reissue of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone in 3D and Sony’s Bad Boys For Life on August 14. And finally, The Eight Hundred, the first Chinese […]

Inequality Street! Chocolate fan audits box of Quality Street to see how many of each colour are in the mix – and moans there are only FOUR purple ones

The brand temporary re-instated the Toffee Deluxed to make up for the fact they did not have all 12 sweets however, the issue was then resolved, and the purple and chocolate brownie are now back. 

Shaft Vs. MIB International at the Box Office: Who’ll Win the Weekend?

Director Jim Jarmusch’s zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die is this week’s big question mark. Its stellar cast includes Bill Murray, Adam Drive and Tilda Swinton. Critics have been mixed on this one and it’s set to open in about 550 theaters to start. It’s expected to net between $2 and $3 million. It will […]

The Best Digital Analog Converters (and Why They’ll Make Your Music Sound Better)

The final reason we recommend the Bifrost 2 is that it’s upgradable. Schiit releases new components when they’re ready, and you can swap out the USB port of this DAC down the road if you’d like. Upgrades are handled by Schiit (you can opt to do them yourself, but it’s a highly technical endeavor), and […]

Goldie Taylor—Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald Avenged at the Ballot Box

Sanders clearly benefitted from an uptick in turnout among younger voters in upstate Illinois—the site of recent protests at a Trump rally—and has increased his support with black voters in some states. But Clinton, who has bested the Vermont senator among older African Americans (especially women), walked away with wins in both states because of […]

Elegance coach reveals the five habits that will make YOU a social outcast – including having bad breath, acting ‘snobbish’ and being a know-it-all

‘If you feel that you always need to have the last word, or you have the authority to the truth or you are always there as a warrior of knowing what’s right and everybody else is wrong… I think that behaviour stems from insecurity.

Career-Spanning Aretha Franklin Box Set to Feature Hits, Unreleased Recordings

Aretha, due out digitally and as a four-CD set on November 20th via Rhino, charts Franklin’s entire career chronologically and across all record labels, from her debut 1956 single (“Never Grow Old” b/w “You Grow Closer”) to her stunning live rendition of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” from the 2015 Kennedy Center […]

Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais & John Krasinski Make YouTube Top Trending Videos 2020 List

Coming in at the third spot was Saturday Night Live’s first debate cold open, which aired on Oct. 3. The sketch saw Jim Carrey as now President-elect Joe Biden debating Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. The segment took on the real-life debate’s most notable moments including the interruptions and Chris Wallace’s (played by Beck Bennett’s) attempts […]

UK retailer Box opens a ballot for its next Xbox Series X stock allocation

It’s unclear whether any other retailers will also be receiving more Xbox consoles on this date, but you can always follow our dedicated Xbox Series X/S stock page for all the latest updates. We’ll also be shouting about any more next-gen consoles when they become available at Jelly Deals on Twitter.

These skin care products under Rs 350 will make you forget your parlor sessions

Eyebrow Trimmer At times visiting a parlor for just getting your eyebrows trimmed or for your upper lips seems too lazy. At that point, you can trust the eyebrow trimmers that are easily affordable and gives you a smooth finish. This eyebrow trimmer will cost you Rs 195.