Have you played… Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

Origins’ main protagonist is Bayek, a genuinely charming would-be assassin out to avenge the death of his son. Sad-dads are nothing new for games of course, but there’s something about the way Bayek dreams of past nights spent teaching his son about the stars that gives the game an emotional weight not often found elsewhere […]

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti review

It also handled Metro Exodus beautifully, too, hitting a silky average of 83fps on Ultra at 1080p in its dedicated benchmarking tool (a feat the GTX 1070 couldn’t even manage on Medium settings at 1080p), and an equally smooth average of 67fps on Ultra at 1440p – practically double what you’ll get on the GTX […]

Meet the new generation of puzzle makers bringing mystery to your door

A sense of immersion is key to making that feeling of discovery really work, Merzouk said, which admittedly “can be a challenge” to create for players who are in their own homes. Society of Curiosities works to allow players to “feel like you’re part of the adventure in a way that doesn’t require you to […]

Fortnite’s Galactus Event Adds More Confusion To The Battle Royale’s Lore

The event saw the entire lobby, along with Iron Man, Galactus, and other heroes, get sucked into what’s called the “Zero Point” after Galactus tried to absorb it. The Zero Point has been a part of Fortnite’s storyline since Chapter 1’s Season 4 and is said to be a singularity that doesn’t abide by the […]