Will a Brexit trade deal will be struck TODAY? Michel Barnier says talks are at ‘make-or-break moment’ as both sides haggle over fishing quotas… and an agreement could be reached this evening

‘We need to find a compromise where the UK can say they have won, and the EU can say they haven’t lost,’ said one source close to the talks. Rows over access to British waters have been one of the most significant remaining stumbling blocks in the negotiations during the past few weeks.

Inside the family-run Baltimore warehouse making the dry ice pellets key to keeping the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine cool

‘The nature of dry ice is, as soon as you make it, it starts to go away,’ he said. ‘What happens if a CVS or a Walgreens gets it, and 11 days have gone and their suitcase has run out of ice?’

Canada’s most endangered mammal that looks like a ‘chunky squirrel’ is making a comeback after officials release the Vancouver Island marmot in a ski resort to help it train for the wild

‘We need success stories in the conservation world. This is not an easy time to work with wildlife,’ Taylor said. ‘We need to be able to demonstrate that it’s possible to bring these species back, because that’s the task we’re going to be engaged in more and more often. And if we don’t have success […]

Small Businesses Less Confident Than Ever as Many Fear Impacts of Biden Administration, Lack of Stimulus

Concerns over the economy, an issue where President Donald Trump led President-elect Joe Biden in the pre-election polls, have grown among small-business owners, of which Republicans make up a higher proportion. The setback in business owners’ confidence coincides with a shift in overall consumer confidence, which also fell after the presidential election.

Tour guide spills the beans on Vietnamese coffee making

“Sometimes sitting on the street, security guards thought I was selling water, so they asked me to move, especially at the Hoan Kiem Lake. Since, I asked a friend to tag along and help explain what’s going on so I can continue hosting the class,” Hoang said.

Try This Easy-To-Make Raj Kachori Recipe

Usually kachoris are simple and basic when compared to Raj Kachori. Perhaps this is the reason Raj Kachori is considered to be the king of kachoris and therefore the dish has got its name.

Demi Moore and daughter Scout Willis make pit-stop at their LA storage space with an assistant

She was the first woman to reach a $10 million salary for her role In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996). The New Mexico native bumped up to $12.5 million for playing a stripper in Striptease (1996), which was more money than any other woman in Hollywood had ever been offered at the time.

Replace the Trump reality show with ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has been at the center of the Covid-19 compromise talks. A gregarious former governor from a state where Trump carried 55 counties (there is not a 56th), Manchin is comfortable hanging out in the GOP cloakroom, eating peanuts and swapping stories with Republican senators. He is just as comfortable […]

Pizza Express in talks to restructure restaurants amid coronavirus lockdown

“Our priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic remain clear – to look after our teams, to protect the business  for the long term and to re-open successfully when the time is right,” a statement said.

Pizza Express cutting 1,300 jobs after numbers fall due to new coronavirus restrictions

“We believe that this difficult decision will give us more resilience through the next six months and help us to continue serving our customers in our restaurants and at home in the years ahead.”