Many Ask How, Beyond Protesting George Floyd’s Death, They Can Be Part Of Making Change

“Beyond just the protesting what can you do? One of the things that folks can do is give money to groups,” said Tanya Denise Fields, executive director and founder of the Black Feminist Project.

Apparent suicide by 20-year-old Robinhood trader who saw a negative $730,000 balance prompts app to make changes

Although Brewster initially believed Robinhood had improperly granted Kearns vast amounts of leverage to trade with, he no longer believes that was the problem. Twitter users who saw Brewster’s stream of tweets alerted him that options traders on Robinhood sometimes see a negative cash balance until the other half of their trades are executed.

Kids ‘might not all go back to school until February’ as scientists fear making changes over winter

Some moves to ease the lockdown have been made – such as reopening schools for some pupils and plans to open shops next week – but that is because Boris Johnson has ensured the five tests have been met.

Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook is making changes to fight hate speech—but not because of ad boycott

This statement also comes a day ahead of the final report of Facebook’s independent civil rights audit, a two-year review of company policies and practices led by civil liberties and civil rights expert Laura W. Murphy and Megan Cacace, a partner in the civil rights law firm Relman Colfax.

Lawyer: TSA makes changes after whistleblower’s complaint

Last month, Brainard filed a complaint against his own agency with the Office of Special Counsel, which ordered TSA’s parent agency, the Homeland Security Department, to investigate the claims. Homeland Security sent the matter back to the TSA “to investigate itself,” Brainard’s attorney, Tom Devine said — one element of the government’s response that he […]

Amy Schumer, Laura Dern and Julianne Moore pose in orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day: ‘We can make change, we must’

‘Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. I #wearorange for Ahmaud, Breonna, Hadiya, and all the countless lives ended senselessly, needlessly by gun violence. Black Americans are 10x more likely to die by gun homicide than white Americans. We can make change. We must. Visit @everytown and join the fight to end gun violence,’ said […]

Abhay Deol speaks up on nepotism row: ‘We need cultural evolution to make change’

“I’m glad some of those artists and films went on to have tremendous success. While it plays a part in every country, nepotism has taken on another dimension here in India. I suspect caste plays a major role in it being more pronounced here than in other parts of the world. After all, it is […]

Coronavirus makes changes in body cells that cause cells not to recognise it

Deciphering the 3D structure of nsp16 paves the way for the rational design of antiviral drugs for COVID-19 and other emerging coronavirus infections, Dr Gupta said. The drugs, new small molecules, would inhibit nsp16 from making the modifications. The immune system would then pounce on the invading virus, recognising it as foreign.

Macau makes changes to Floersch crash corner

Single DRS zone added Among other changes, a single DRS zone has been added following the Mandarin corner. The Macau Grand Prix has new machinery this year, adopting the cars used in the new FIA Formula 3 Championship. It is the first time an F3 car has been fitted with DRS, and Macau was expected […]

How can we embrace race? Learn from this couple advocating for change

Giraud: There are thousands more people coming to our site, and a lot more White people asking questions beyond “What should my kids say?” or “What should I say to my kid?” They’re asking, “What can we do? How can we change that?” They’re understanding that it’s systemic.