Here’s How You Can Watch Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry Celebrate Easter Sunday Mass Online

What Will They Do? There’s no official word on what the three celebrities will bring to the church service. Carey, apparently, will sing her song Hero in a tribute to healthcare workers, TMZ reported. Osteen confirmed this in a conversation with the publication, and claimed Carey reached out to his team in an attempt to […]

How ‘Harry Potter’ and J.K. Rowling are giving hope to people during the pandemic

In several parts of the world, the eight movies in the series, which are hosted on platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or telecast on television, are among the most-watched this year. Users are organising viewing parties from the safety of their homes, to experience the thrill of the adventures along with friends, albeit virtually. In […]

Unhealthy lifestyles: People forced to work from home during the coronavirus crisis are drinking more alcohol, eating less healthy food and having problems sleeping, study shows

Research has shown that it is better for the screen to be located higher than the users’ watching level – the middle point should be 5-6 inches below the straight line of the users’ vision.