Valorant’s sneaky Cypher looks like he escaped from a Mad Magazine comic strip

Previously revealed Valorant characters include Phoenix, Viper, Sova, Sage, and Jett, while Brimstone, Omen, Breach, and Raze are yet to have their moment in the spotlight. You can learn more about each of them in our character guide, and also get a look at Valorant’s badges and rank names, and what those error codes mean […]

‘This looks like civil war’ – Palestinians battle on the streets

Mr Olmert says that he regards Mr Abbas as someone he could talk to, but Fatah is struggling on the ground. Ghassan Khatib, a former Palestinian planning minister and now a political analyst, said that it was Hamas that was emerging strongest from the crisis. “Hamas doesn’t have any motive to go for a national […]

Tallulah Willis’ Shaved Head Makes Her Look Exactly Like Mom Demi Moore in

“I thought if I could feel beautiful with no hair then I will literally feel good in any situation,” she said. “I actually watched G.I. Jane two days before I shaved my head. I don’t think I was 100 percent inspired by it, but I think it may have manifested the idea in my mind.”

Looks like the OnePlus 8 is the phone that will make me leave the iPhone for good

The things that have kept me in the iOS and iPhone world for so long are, among other things, the phones’ build quality, solid software experience, good cameras, great support, and nearly seamless integration (at least with other Apple devices). Therefore, for me to switch off the iPhone, I need an Android phone that can […]

It looks like dystopian sci-fi horror Observer could be getting a next-gen makeover

It was part methodically paced investigation adventure, in which players – cast as Observer detective Daniel Lazarski (voiced by the late Rutger Hauer) – searched for their estranged son in a run-down apartment building, and part breathless plunge into dazzling nightmarescapes as Lazarski hopped into witnesses’ brains for clues. Eurogamer liked it a lot!

It All Looks Like a Stephen King Story, and He Feels He Owns Humanity an Apology

“I set [the book I’m working on] in the year 2020 because I thought, ‘OK, when I publish it, if it’s in 2021, it will be like in the past, safely in the past,’” he said. “And then this thing came along, and I immediately looked back through the copy that I’d written and I […]

What Does Russiagate Look Like to Russians?

This is not to say that the Russians were right to move into Crimea or Eastern Ukraine. But it’s easy to see why Russians would be frosty about America trying to put border states under the umbrella of NATO, or wigged out by Americans conducting war games in places like Latvia. Imagine, for instance, the response […]

This Is What The Future Of Human Evolution Looks Like

For transhumanists, the possibilities of human interconnectivity via technology is only the beginning of how people may eventually transcend the limitations of their bodies. Photographer David Vintiner and art director Gem Fletcher set out to meet the innovators, artists, and dreamers within the transhumanism movement who are pushing the boundaries of their biology to become […]

What it looks like when 1.3 billion people stay home

By Saritha Rai On March 24, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered the world’s largest lockdown, effectively commanding one out of every six people on earth to stay home in an effort to stem the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The humongous state-run railways recorded the first suspension of services in its 167-year history, and […]

From abroad to Slovakia: What repatriations look like

He decided it was time to leave Riga when he remained one of only five students remaining in the dorms. It was the second half of March. By then, some commercial flights had been suspended and European countries started closing their borders. Dufala applied for the repatriation flight organised by Slovakia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.