Eric Reid demands an investigation and a re-vote on the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement because ‘language cutting disability payments was mysteriously added AFTER the deal was approved’

‘The democratic process has played itself out,’ tweeted Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, one of the most influential voices in the union. ‘We must be committed to unifying our current and former members. While I don’t agree with the decision because of its negative impacts on some current and former players, I do respect our process […]

Forget freshers’ week: universities prepare to teach new first years online

Hillman agrees that first-year students may feel lost without a face-to-face university experience. “Our research has shown that students really like lectures. That’s not because they are a good way to learn, but because they are a social occasion. Online learning is a good second best, but for many it is just that – second […]

I watched as the US paid too little attention to Italy’s suffering

After two weeks of uninterrupted fever which never, thank God, developed into respiratory problems, my husband is out of the woods. It has been the most difficult time in our marriage. We often clash due to different cultural backgrounds, but this time was different. I put on his shoulders all the flaws in the way […]

Mormons hold signature conference virtually due to pandemic

Like most religions, the faith known widely as the Mormon church has taken significant steps to prevent gatherings and religious activities that could contribute to the spread of COVID-19. The faith has shut down its temples that are used for the most sacred rituals including weddings, shuttered normal Sunday worship services at churches and brought […]

Portrait of the President As a Con Man

But abuse, of course, is another matter entirely. And it did not occur to me, in all honesty, that McCarrick would have sexually assaulted a 16-year-old or used the deep trust of another teen in a family that called him “Uncle Teddy” to conduct a sexually abusive relationship for a full 20 years. This boy […]

Bay Area students with special needs more at risk during the coronavirus closures

“I can’t go to work because my son has a different condition and I cannot leave him anywhere or with anyone,” she said, adding Martin’s immune system is compromised. “Having the school closed due to a situation like this changed our lives and also the routine.”

Pentecostal church in Sacramento linked to dozens of coronavirus cases

And this week, sheriff’s deputies handcuffed a Tampa, Fla., minister for violating local stay-at-home orders by gathering hundreds to worship. Police said the minister, the Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne of the River at Tampa Bay, showed “reckless disregard for human life” by potentially exposing his congregants to the coronavirus.

Anime Classic

That isn’t the only place where the Netflix dialogue feels unnecessarily stilted or clunky by comparison. Voice actor and writer Scott Frerichs has shared a lengthy Twitter thread of comparison videos between the old dub and the new. Whether it’s Misato casually describing herself as an “international civil servant” in the new dub versus a […]

Umbilical cords just got longer

Somers has found that helicoptering is not an exclusively middle- or upper-class phenomenon. “All income levels are represented to some extent, as well as both genders and every race and ethnicity. We did find, however, some differences between how mothers and fathers hover.” Indeed, she and her colleagues discovered that around 60% of helicoptering is […]

All about your phone’s developer options

Unlocking them is easy-peasy. Open the settings on your phone, and find the “About” section. Look through it until you see the “Build number” entry. Tap if five times in quick succession, and you should see a small dialog letting you know that you’re now a developer. Try not to break stuff, mmkay? Or break […]