Kourtney Kardashian shares ‘how to live your best life’ as Kim’s marriage crumbles

Sharing the thoughts of Chenoa Maxwell, who is decribed as an ’emotional sherpa’, Kourtney wanted her followers to know: “If you are versed at being present to the sum of all your parts – mind, body, spirit – then you will probably know when one or more of your systems could use an adjustment or […]

Real-Life Cops, and Me

New York was still the down-at-the-heels city of bankruptcy, blight, and seediness that ranged from the amiable to the menacing, so there were also, ambling up and down Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, a fair number of heroin addicts, prostitutes, and pimps who actually dressed like they did on TV shows and movies set at that […]

Ted Halstead, social entrepreneur who created D.C. policy institutes, dies at 52

As chairman and chief executive of the Climate Leadership Council until his death, Halstead had been a relentless promoter of a carbon tax and dividend plan that would require people to pay for the carbon dioxide spewed into the air but would return those payments to taxpayers in the form of dividends. The dividends would […]

Daily Horoscope: 08 September 2020

Pisces: 19 February – 20 March Today is going to be a good day for you. The mind will be happy and you will be in a mood for fun. Talking about money, suddenly, due to the formation of some stuck work, the sum of money is being obtained. Maybe you will get more than […]

The best Mac games (September 2020)

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Critically acclaimed to the point of being widely considered one of the best role-playing games of all-time, Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin 2 features a reactive world that will change based on the decision you make, with the ability to interact with any character and even kill them without losing the ability […]

Daily Horoscope: 09 September 2020

Capricorn: 22 December – 19 January If you are a student, then there is something in your long-standing education, today it can be far away. If you are making any effort to get higher education, then you are very likely to get success. People who are already working may be assigned additional work in the […]

Kourtney Doesn’t Need “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Anymore

“Kim, there are people that are dying” is an exceptional burn, but there’s a more recent example of Kim and Kourtney coming to blows over their respective personality types. Back in March — before the quarantine got real, when people could fight without masks, god, we were so young then — in the season premiere, […]

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Is Ending Because Kourtney Made It So

At the same time, Mason is now old enough to be on TikTok himself — he’s already pretty online, so it seems — which means Kourtney and her little family could be starting a new kind of fame dynasty. Instead of one born out of club appearances, paparazzi shots, and sex tapes, this one is […]

Become a master of skulduggery with this Crusader Kings 3 Intrigue guide

Schemer: Boosts the success chance of your plots, as well as protecting you from hostile ones.Torturer: Focuses on the new Dread mechanic, allowing you to keep your vassals in line through fear, even if they don’t care for you much.Seducer: Lets you to inveigle your way into the bedrooms of the powerful and keep them […]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: I had been lying when I said ‘family is most important’

Hastings has sought to improve his work relationships, too. Speaking about his push for “radical candor” within Netflix — Hastings said a vice president at Netflix recently told him he’s “unempathetic” and he doesn’t “encourage criticism.” He said that even with his success, getting negative feedback is still painful, but it helps him explore changes […]