Language Barriers Limit Access to Coronavirus News for Some European Migrants

“If you have symptoms you can call your doctor, for instance. But then the next problem sometimes is that they cannot call the doctor because of the language barrier,” said Yemane . “So, then we have like this back office for questions that cannot be answered right away, and also call their doctor for them.”

‘War on cancer’ metaphors may do harm, research shows

Military metaphors may not be benign, the study found. After reading accounts of cancer patients sprinkled with war metaphors, people rated cancer treatment as more difficult than those who read the same passages with journey metaphors, or no metaphors at all. In an article to appear in Health Communication, the researchers warn that highlighting the […]

The history of Windows: How the OS has changed over time

Just because Windows 11 may not happen, though, that doesn’t mean Windows’ long tradition of reinvention and innovation has to come to an end. Windows, especially in recent years, has become more than just a desktop OS. Take, for instance, Windows Core OS. The future of the Windows OS brand may lie with Core OS, […]

‘Black Panther’ takes blockbusters to Africa, and the future

And it’s already signaling a seismic shift that that could make an impact big enough to change the entertainment industry — not that it hasn’t taken decades to get the African King and warrior to the big screen. Wesley Snipes tried for years to get a “Black Panther” film off the ground, bumping up against […]

Bani J on shooting crucial Four More Shots Please scene: ‘I lost my mother on the day I was supposed to shoot it’

I had to take a break of a week or 10 days. I had to go back home and deal with all of it. So when I came back, it was the first scene that I had to shoot and I just remember thinking that I need to be able to bring so much justice […]

The Memo: Political trench warfare colors views on coronavirus

The nation’s response to the coronavirus crisis is being complicated by political polarization in general and the divisiveness of President TrumpDonald John TrumpOvernight Health Care: US hits 10,000 coronavirus deaths | Trump touts ‘friendly’ talk with Biden on response | Trump dismisses report on hospital shortages as ‘just wrong’ | Cuomo sees possible signs of […]

India Won’t Back Down If Lines Are Crossed, Says Virat Kohli Ahead Of 1st T20I

Virat Kohli continued to promote his new ‘non-confrontation’ policy but clarified that in the face of aggression, his team would not back down. Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the Indian captain said that his team will not start anything but if the “line is crossed we stand up to that”. India begin their long […]

Canada’s Haida Gwaii archipelago: kayaking to the edge of the world

With the rights they have already won, the Haida have been moving to a more sustainable economy. More than half of the island’s land is protected, and though there’s still logging, the Haida now have more control and have proposed a 1,000-year cedar plan so that later generations will have access to “monumental” trees for […]

How Björk broke the sound barrier

In the intersecting tributaries of Björk’s work, there is a glimpse of the delta that Cage described at the end of his life – whether or not Cage himself would have been able to wrap his mind around her music. He died the year before Björk released her first solo album, 1993’s Debut, in which […]

Mother whose son, 12, with cerebral palsy died when hospital failed to spot he had sepsis reveals his twin believes his brother visits him in his dreams to stop him feeling lonely

‘It won’t bring Alfie back or fill the big hole in our lives, but it has taken some of that guilt away. Ben has had counselling which has enabled him to talk about Alfie, but he is so sad without his twin brother.