Dozens of Amazon’s own products have been reported as dangerous — melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. Many are still on the market

The company disputed Greer’s comments, saying safety testing had not become any less rigorous and that it was not aware of any manufacturers using thinner cables “than they were directed to use.” It said safety testing is handled by reputable third-party labs with global facilities, including in China and that her statements about the microwave […]

Progressives raise alarm over letting lobbying groups access PPP funds

“Democratic lawmakers are pushing new bills that would let corporate lobbying organizations and dark money groups in Washington grab some of that dwindling PPP money for themselves before the cash gets to more mom-and-pop businesses teetering on the brink of bankruptcy,” Sirota added. “Moreover, the legislation would knowingly help some politically connected industries effectively double […]

How USPS Pandemonium Threatens Indie Musicians and Labels

But November is still two months away. That’s a long time to wait when the labels have already been embattled for half a year. At Maryland’s Carpark Records — home to Toro y Moi and Speedy Ortiz — label owner Todd Hyman says many of these issues started popping up at the start of the […]

GOP state politicians call on Big Ten commissioner to allow football season

It’s narrated by former football star Herschel Walker and Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, both of whom spoke at the Republican National Convention. “I’ve known Donald Trump for 37 years. He keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of Black Americans,” Walker says. Jones, a Democrat adds, “I’m a lifelong Democrat and I’m part […]

Pandemic limits on alcohol, indoor dining fuel a restaurant rebellion in Pennsylvania

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on dining have left restaurants and taverns across the nation struggling to stay afloat. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has blamed President Donald Trump for a bungled pandemic response that has left at least 190,000 dead and millions unemployed. But in Pennsylvania, a crucial swing state Trump carried […]

What Is a Smart City? How AI Is Going Uptown Around the Globe

One market researcher tracks a basket of 13 broad areas that define a smart city from smart streetlights to connected garbage cans. A smart-parking vendor in Stockholm took into account 24 factors — including the number of Wi-Fi hotspots and electric-vehicle charging stations — in its 2019 ranking of the world’s 100 smartest cities. (Its […]