Stop Stalking Amazon For Hand Sanitizer When It’s Always in Stock Here

If you’re looking for hand sanitizer in stock right now, the best place to find it is The discount site has a dozen popular brands available for both individual orders and bulk orders too. All of the options on Woot have at least 70% alcohol by volume, which more than exceed the CDC-recommended guidelines.

Heart-stopping moment maid rushes to protect a little girl from the shockwave of massive explosion as it ripped through Beirut

The quick-thinking maid scooped the girl up from the ground and clutched the youngster to her chest as hurried out of the room in an attempt to reach safety

Washington aims Clean Network program directly at stopping China and Huawei

“The United States calls on our allies and partners in government and industry around the world to join the growing tide to secure our data from the CCP’s surveillance state and other malign entities,” the Secretary of State said.

‘Dangerous To Our Democracy’: Dem Lawmakers Demand Facebook Remove Video Edited To Make Pelosi Look Drunk

“If Facebook can’t defend against low-tech disinfo like this video, it’s clear they’re not ready for the threats that are coming our way in November. They need to do better. Now,” Schiff wrote in a tweet Tuesday. The video had more than 2 million views by Sunday, according to CNN’s report Monday on the video.

Second wave strikes Europe? Spain reintroduces lockdown, Greece sees a worrying rise in cases and virus is ‘more active’ in Germany amid warnings France ‘could lose control at any moment’

Aberdeen today became the latest city to be put back into lockdown as pubs, cafes and restaurants were shut. Officials last week imposed tough new restrictions on 4.5million people living in Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire to curb spiralling coronavirus rates. 

People Are Dying After Drinking Hand Sanitizer, CDC Says

One patient, a 44-year-old man, said that he drank hand sanitizer in the few days before seeking medical care, according to the CDC paper. The man was hospitalized for six days for acute methanol poisoning and when he was discharged, he went home with almost complete vision loss.

FNC’s Carlson Slams NYC’s ‘Pothead Mayor’ de Blasio for City’s Coronavirus Policies, ‘Disintegrating’ Conditions

What they’re actually concerned about, as always, is maintaining political control. And of course, money. Money is suddenly a pressing concern for them. And the main problem is — and they’re going to fix this if they can — that under our current system, it’s pretty difficult to force people to remain in crumbling cities […]

Aberdeen is put into lockdown: Nicola Sturgeon closes city’s pubs and bans travel in and out as bar outbreak cases DOUBLE – just a day after Queen passed through on way to Balmoral

He said: ‘I’m trying to speak to everybody because this is a big crisis moment for us all. Regardless of what you as an individual business have or have not done we are all lumped in together now. We’ve got to come out the other side of this having learned the lessons of what we […]

Hiroshima, Nagasaki Survivors Recall Dreadful A-Bombings on 75th Anniversary of Attacks

“So, we started to walk. That’s when we started to see many dead people, wounded people, burned people. I happened to see a round black object. And mother was clinging on to this object. Mother was dead. Naturally, the infant was dead. 73 years later, I can vividly see the tie between the infant and […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: New ‘AirPod killer’ £179 wireless earphones with noise-cancellation unveiled

Samsung is a major South Korean company made up of many businesses that operate globally It’s known locally as a “chaebol”, which means “business conglomerate” It was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a trading company But over several decades, it branched out into food processing, insurance, textiles and retail It wasn’t until the […]