Yearning to go offline

Music classes have also migrated online, and they seem to be faring better. Seventeen-year-old Rashi Harmalkara, a student of Furtados School of Music, (FSM), Mumbai has been learning to play the piano and guitar for a year. With the pandemic and lockdown, she says “I felt that my piano and guitar lessons would come to […]

To think beyond cool hardware, Samsung is ramping up its partnerships

As Chomet says of Samsung’s investments in experiences and partnerships, the deeper teamwork with Google has been going on for awhile and involves opportunities that can take time to pay off. Back in 2018, Samsung issued a press release about its collaboration with Google to enable RCS (Rich Communications Services), the next-generation messaging standard that […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Dario Argento

While shouting out his haters, Argento continued to forge onward in his innovation behind the camera and in the editing suite. His conveyance of visual information had never been so intricate or precise; multiple viewings reveal hints as to the killer’s identity encoded in purposeful pans across a room or conspicuous cuts. He continued to […]