The many sides of Microsoft’s new two-screen Suface Duo phone

Panay describes the initial target audience for the Surface Duo as “Surface fans who live in the Microsoft app ecosystem,” and such folks may well be thrilled with the device right out of the box. Those who do at least some of their living in Slack, Zoom, and other non-Microsoft apps will be happiest if […]

Microsoft Surface Duo Will Cost $1,399 on September 10

This is also the first piece of Surface hardware to run something other than Windows. It’s full-on Android, including Google Search, Google Calendar and the Play Store. But Microsoft has also included a bunch of its own software, including Office apps, OneDrive, Edge, Teams and LinkedIn. That’s where we’re most interested: to see how this […]

Microsoft Surface Duo to launch on September 10 at $1,399

Microsoft has finally revealed that it will be launching its dual-screen Android smartphone — Surface Duo on September 10. The price starts at $1,399 and the company has started taking pre-orders in the US. Customers can pre-order the device from AT&T, Microsoft online store, and Best Buy. Microsoft Surface Duo features two separate displays — […]

Microsoft back in the smartphone business with its new Duo

The Duo has two 5.6-inch displays and, when opened like a book, is a slim 4.8 millimeters thick, making it what the company says is the thinnest device on the market. Microsoft engineers say that instead of adopting a single folding screen, as Samsung does, they chose to connect two displays on a hinge because […]

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Duo Is Here. The Timing’s Not Great

Now Microsoft is trying to sell an ultraportable two-in-one at a time when many of us are going exactly nowhere. For the digital employee, work has officially been redefined as WFH, and our days are structured by whatever screen we have to use at any given hour. The move from a 6-inch screen to a […]

Forza Motorsport 6 review – a return to form for Microsoft’s racing series

Turn 10’s understanding of motorsport permeates through Forza 6. Each new race chapter you enter is prefixed with a slickly-narrated overview complete with racing trivia, but it’s a shame that these short scenes set up expectations that the game never quite hits. Richard Hammond and James May – coyly titled “automotive journalists” now that their […]

Microsoft’s Surface Duo arrives on September 10th for $1,399

The real question will be how well Surface Duo, and devices like it, improve productivity on the go, and whether two mobile screens is truly needed. These devices will ultimately require some hardware advances to really pull off the vision. But if consumers agree with Microsoft, Samsung, and others that two screens are better than […]

Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG’s Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less

I was expecting more from Microsoft, in terms of software innovation, and maybe we will see more in this area with further evaluation and testing of the device. As of now, it looks like a fairly stock Android experience on two large displays with a high price and older specifications.

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

More from Microsoft Xbox Series X to launch in November – but Halo fans will be disappointed Details of NHS deals with tech giants released by government after legal threat Microsoft’s Surface Duo: Specifications revealed for new dual-screen smartphone Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board to focus on philanthropy Microsoft admits using contractors to […]

Google to Microsoft: Nice Windows 10 patch – but it’s incomplete

Windows 10 Microsoft plans for single-screen Windows 10X rollout in spring 2021; dual-screen in spring 2022 The ultimate Windows 10 information hub: Everything you need in one place Best cheap Windows 10 laptops for $350 or less in 2020: Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and more ​Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for business: Everything you need to […]