Teens starting college or university in September? Cover their studying essentials with a Microsoft 365 Family subscription for just £50 on Amazon today

What’s the differences are between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019? Microsoft 365 Family is a 12-month subscription that allows up to six users to access premium Office apps including Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word – everything you would need for home use or college and university work. 

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) vs G Suite: Which productivity suite is best for your business?

Cloud storageOneDrive for Business, once a clunky spinoff from SharePoint, now shares the same sync engine as its consumer counterpart and has matured into a reliable service that’s well integrated with both Microsoft 365 and Windows, although it also works well on Macs and on mobile devices. By default, every OneDrive for Business user gets […]

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: Sorry, Slack, your complaint is a joke

Slack is banking on the fact that the EU has been aggressive with antitrust complaints in recent years. But the fact that European competition authorities have ruled in favor of other, credible antitrust claims does not mean that they will approve a laughable claim, which is what this one is. Most of Microsoft’s enterprise customers […]

What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Office for Windows and macOS?

Extensible: The Windows version is extensible, providing an API that allows for add-ins and some advanced features. The Mac version does not include this extensibility. Linking and Embedding: The Windows version of OneNote is stronger when it comes to embedding and linking files. For example, in the Windows version, you could embed an Excel file. […]

Bye-bye, Chrome: 10 steps to help you switch to Microsoft’s new Edge browser

Click the Collections button on the Edge toolbar, create your first collection, and then give it a name. You can add your own notes to the collection and then save pages to the collection using the link at the top of the pane. You can also drag a block of text, or a product listing, […]

Microsoft and Samsung need each other now more than ever

The split means that Samsung phone owners, along with the rest of the Android community, will get access to xCloud’s library of games, while Apple users are limited to playing games that run natively across their devices (Google’s Stadia game streaming service is also not available on iOS). That still includes plenty of games made […]

These 24 Android apps are really good for your new tablet

Edit on the big screen: Adobe Lightroom Get another display: Duet Display Read your news: Feedly Stay up to date: Fenix 2 for Twitter Relax with Reddit: Relay for Reddit Read it later: Pocket Split the keyboard: Fleksy Keyboard Take some quick notes: Google Keep Interact remotely: Join by joaoapps Catch up on comics: Comics […]

Best cloud storage services of 2020

Microsoft 365 Family | $99.99 for 1-yearThis is the best value for money offer from Microsoft. 365 Family costs only $99.99 per year and provides you with 6TB of cloud storage in all, spread across six separate users. Other than the apps included (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, OneNote and PowerPoint), you get AI-powered creative […]

How to Integrate Your iPhone with a Windows PC or Chromebook

Browsing, organizing, and transferring files to and from iCloud Drive. Viewing, downloading, and uploading images and videos via Photos. Taking Notes and creating Reminders via web-based versions of those apps. Accessing and editing contact information in Contacts. Viewing your iCloud email account in Mail. Using web-based versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. You can also access your Apple ID account settings, view information […]