Does Google really want third-party app stores on Android or are they a ‘necessary evil’?

Google does go on to say that the best way to “reach the broadest possible audience” (read: be successful) is to use a marketplace like Google Play, but there are no real restrictions. You don’t even have to use Google’s official Android Developer Suite or pay any money for access to Android’s Open-Source set of […]

Mozilla and Google reportedly renew Firefox search agreement

Mozilla and Google have extended their arrangement to keep Google the default search engine within the Firefox browser until at least 2023,ZDNet reported. The companies have not formally announced the deal, which ZDNet estimates is worth between $400 and $450 million per year, but are expected to announce it later this fall. The current arrangement […]

Best laptop under $500 of 2020 in stock from HP, Lenovo, Dell and more

I’m seeing a lot more Windows laptops in this range use AMD Athlon processors to hit the lower price. As much as I like AMD’s CPUs, I don’t really recommend going with an Athlon instead of a Ryzen. Windows is just too heavy for it.Solid-state drives can make a big difference in how fast Windows […]

Nanoinfluencers Are Slyly Barnstorming the 2020 Election

Over the past year, we’ve been studying the ways in which social media influencers are being leveraged by political actors across the political spectrum. Quantifying their scale and engagement rates on Instagram is difficult, for several reasons: (1) There’s lax enforcement of influencers noting when they post advertisements. (2) The “paid partnership” disclosure is itself […]

Facebook says Apple’s 30% cut is hindering its plans to help SMBs generate revenue online

Facebook on Friday announced new events feature that will let page owners create paid events, set a price, promote the event, collect payment and host the event, all in one place. In its blog post, the social media giant also accused Apple of not waiving off its 30 percent App Store fee during the time […]

‘Eat out to help out’ discounts in UK boost coronavirus-hit restaurants

Forced indoors with only exercise and essential shopping permitted for just under three months, affordable dining and the chance to escape home cooking is driving customers back out to spend. It’s a source of relief for Polly Allen, who indulges in multiple desserts at an Italian restaurant only “on the basis of the scheme.”

Apple stumbled into a war with the gaming industry, and the future of iOS is at stake

But Apple wasn’t alone, and subscription services that involve both buffet-style slates and ala carte marketplaces have begun popping up with cloud gaming technology tied at the hip. Now, coming on September 15th, is Microsoft’s xCloud, which marries two forward-thinking business models for game distribution into one elegant-seeming service. Microsoft is already an industry leader […]

Indian internet companies grappling with fake app installations

Getting someone to install a mobile application once can be a challenge, but throw in a little something and they might be willing to download the app multiple times.Something as insignificant as a mobile recharge package worth Rs 10. For companies spending big money on making their apps stand out amid the clutter, this is […]