San Bruno: Coroner IDs Human Remains Found In Yellow Construction Bag As Vallejo Man

On July 21, a worker from the San Bruno Public Works alerted the police after responding to a cleanup request in the area of Susan Drive and Geoffrey Drive and smelling a foul odor coming from a bag in the brush. When officers arrived, they found human remains inside the bag.

Mission Viejo: Update On Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter

Mission Viejo Animal Services is dedicated to serving our community and promoting healthy animal-human interactions. On Saturday, July 25, we shared information about a situation that included two encounters with our local coyote population. While both incidents were minor in nature, we still take such incidents seriously and are currently working with the California Department […]

Mission Viejo: Update #2 On Coyote-Human Encounter And Reopening Of Trail At Jeronimo Open Space

The trail at the Jeronimo Open Space between Pavion and Silleros has reopened, and Mission Viejo Animal Services is reminding everyone that California is natural coyote habitat, and we must know how to safely and peacefully coexist with wildlife. Most interactions are passive in nature and help promote the public’s appreciation for the wild animals […]

Singapore migrant worker mental health in spotlight after self harm incident

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower – which has overseen the quarantines – said it was aware of the incident in which a worker had “harmed himself”, adding that he was now in a “safe and stable condition”. Police said the 36-year-old man was detained under the mental health act.

How two professors leading Oxford University’s coronavirus trial and Chinese tech giant Huawei could profit if the experimental jab is proven to work

OSI has raised £600m in four years from 70 shareholders, including Temasek Holdings, which is owned by the Singapore government, GV, an investment firm owned by Google, the Chinese drugmaker Fosun Pharma, and the Wellcome Trust, a research charity based in London. 

Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Mahatma Gandhi: The pulse of a legacy in an age of heroics

Idealism has gone through a make-over, emerging from the green room of contemporary political fashion in the shape and style of a ‘no-nonsense’ realism. Honesty, frankness, are of course the ‘nonsense’ that has been peeled off. This ‘realism’ sees human thought as a redundancy, human conscience a distraction. Truth — Gandhi’s obsession — is assailed […]

Sardar Patel, a shared inheritance

The Congress not only accommodated personality and political variations, it regarded itself as their natural home. It was a place to which people belonged, not a place in which people assembled for a drill. Its sifat, to use a Persian word that stands for essence or ethos, was its diversity. And its Working Committee embodied […]

Narendra Modi pens op-ed in New York Times on “guiding light” Gandhiji

“The guiding light whose inspiration got Dr King to India was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Mahatma, the Great Soul. On Wednesday, we observe his 150th birth anniversary. Gandhi Ji, or Bapu, continues to give courage to millions globally,” Mr. Modi writes in the piece titled Why India and the World Need Gandhi.

Car showroom adopts stray dog as ‘sales person’, gives it ID card

Mais do que pet friendly, somos pet family: se hoje é o Dia do Vira-lata, não faltam razões e #pets para comemorar! Conheçam o @tucson_prime o “cãosultor” de vendas da concessionária @PrimeHyundai de Serra – ES. O novo integrante tem cerca de um ano, foi acolhido pela família #Hyundai e já conquistou colegas de trabalho […]

HHS Secretary Azar to be most senior US official to visit Taiwan

Rep. Green on US-China tensions: Chinese Communist Party is direct threat to National Security The Trump administration sanctions top Chinese officials linked to human rights abuses; Tennessee congressman Rep. Mark Green weighs in on ‘America’s News HQ.’