The Latest: Amsterdam bans recreational boats from canals

The reports chart whether more or less people are flowing into shops, parks, grocery stores, pharmacies, subway stations and offices. The company said it has heard from health officials who say the readings could be helpful for making critical decisions on how to fight the virus.

Coronavirus first ravaged parts of Washington state. Now there are signs of a change

Nothing is certain in this new world of Covid-19. There are always caveats. Cities and rural areas differ greatly in both resources and residents’ proximity to one another. Cities like New York, where public space is usually jammed with people, is seeing a tsunami-like surge of patients. There is still insufficient testing. But while the […]

The Nine Canonical Responses to ‘U Mad,’ the Internet’s Most Grievous Insult

In 2012, the National Republican Congressional Committee set up a live-stream of a printer making copies of a petition to repeal Obamacare, which supporters could sign online. Of course, people found it and signed it with names like “Piss Children,” “Boner Junkmonkey,” and “Joseph Goebbels.” For an hour, viewers watched as “Weedlord Bonerhitler” and “HelpI’mStuckInthisPrinter” declared […]

Off our trolleys: what stockpiling in the coronavirus crisis reveals about us

The way we eat at any given time reflects our national state of mind. For 50 years or more in the UK, we have been eating with the largesse of a people who felt that food was an inexhaustible fountain. Unlike the wartime generation, we did not worry too much about wasting odds and ends […]

Coronavirus latest: Too early to ease restrictions, Merkel says

11:50 The People’s Bank of China, the nation’s central bank, has said it would slash reserve requirements for smaller banks, releasing around 400 billion yuan ($56.3 billion; €52.2 billion) in liquidity. The freed-up money is aimed at helped ease the impact of the coronavirus on its economy. The bank also said it would cut the interest […]

As celebs shelter at home, paparazzi hustle to find new angles

The pandemic has shifted the power even further away from individual photographers. “A lot of the guys who work regularly for specific photo agencies will work on retainers or guarantees: Say, ‘I’ll give you $2,000 a month and hopefully you’re going to generate $5,000 a month in material,’ ” said Harrison. “Now, since the material […]

Thousands Of Canadians Are Crossing The Border To Help The US Respond To The Coronavirus Outbreak

The seriousness of the situation is not lost on him, though. One day, as he was leaving, he found two housekeeping workers standing outside the new unit. “I just quickly perceived the fear of God all over them,” he said. As he spoke to them, they stared at him and asked, “are there patients in […]