Rural markets need simpler insurance products that can create value: SBI General CEO

We have been able to take insurance distribution to the hinterland, which has been grossly underserved, says Pushan Mahapatra. How has Covid changed things for you? I think this pandemic has changed many of our old ways of thinking around the way life ran. Insurance traditionally has been more of a push product though the […]

Banking Royal Commission: $45 million compensation award over junk insurance

“I know that if it wasn’t for this class action, I’d be paying for that worthless insurance to this day. I would never have known I had been ripped off and even if I had worked it out, I certainly wouldn’t have had the means to pay lawyers.”

Are you ready to wean yourself off petrol and diesel and change to an electric car? Here’s our guide to switching

For a 50kWh battery that means £7 for a full top-up, but you can get it much cheaper by using off-peak or specialist EV tariffs, so it’s not hard to keep the cost of a 50kWh battery charge to under £3.50.

Is looting covered by insurance? Depends on the business

Once inside, they took all the restaurant’s wine, electronics, an empty cash register and some chef’s knives; threw plates; and lit a pool of lighter fluid on fire on the floor. Next door at Osteria Mozza, looters took a third of the liquor from the bar and some high-end champagne, according to Kate Greenberg, director […]

IAG warns Australia’s insurance sector about smart automation future

“Most are focused on pure RPA and that’s fine, but RPA alone is not going to separate you from the successful or unsuccessful companies. You need to look at delivering other tools as well,” he said at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development, and Integration Summit.

Westpac, St George: Banks hit by class action over car loan ‘flex commissions’

“They didn’t tell me the interest rate until I went to pick up the car. We bargained hard on the initial price, but I believe they knew what they were doing and slugged me with the high interest rate to compensate,” Ms Fox said.

UK government launches £5,000 electric car grant scheme

The transport secretary, Philip Hammond, said: “A few years ago, ultra-low emission cars with mass-market appeal appeared just a pipe dream. Now they are a reality and we can have all the convenience of the car without all the carbon that normally goes with it. Government action to support affordable vehicles and more local charging […]

Nissan Leaf charges into UK car showrooms

Fans of greener cars are happy with their expanded choice, though. Richard Todd, a silicon chip designer from St Albans, used to drive a Toyota Prius, a hybrid half-electric and half-petrol car. “As an engineer I have always wanted an electric car – I’ve just had to wait for the battery technology to arrive,” he […]

Live and let drive! The new Aston Martin DB5 comes with machine guns and a bullet-proof windscreen, and costs a cool £3.3m… JANE FRYER got behind the wheel of 007’s favourite car for a test drive

‘Depending on the way the light catches the curves, it’s erotic. It’s wonderful. It’s adorable. It’s a visceral thing — the shape of it, the feel of it, you sit in it and suddenly you’re all one thing, you’re home. And of course, once you’ve driven one, you want to have one and carry on […]

Brits’ bogus food poisoning claims leave hoteliers crying: ‘¡Basta!’

Britons make up almost half of the 3.2 million tourists who visit Cyprus annually. Marios Tzannakas, a senior official at the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, admitted that many in the industry were becoming increasingly angry and frustrated. In a tourist-dependent economy like that of Cyprus, the sector was effectively hostage to the tour operators behind the […]