Climate change is hot topic in the European Parliament vote

“The climate issue is now finally on everyone’s lips, a subject that we have been credibly promoting for many decades,” she added. “We have very concrete proposals for what we want to do against the climate crisis, for the preservation of biodiversity, for the preservation of our environment.”

EPA Prevents Scientists From Speaking About Climate Change at Conference

In an email to the Post, EPA spokesperson John Konkus wrote, “EPA scientists are attending, they simply are not presenting, it is not an EPA conference.” (The EPA provides $600,000 in annual funding to the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program.) The Post reports that “at least one senior regional EPA official” will attend the event, while […]

Climate change email hacking to be looked into by University of East Anglia

George Marshall, founder of the Climate Outreach and Information Network, said: “The UEA response has been frankly pathetic. One can only imagine that the UEA’s communications team is totally out of its depth. A less charitable conclusion is that they are defending the interests of UEA and are not concerned about – or have not […]

Gordon Brown attacks ‘flat-earth’ climate change sceptics

He said: “The approach of the climate saboteurs is to misuse data and mislead people. The sceptics are playing politics with science in a dangerous and deceitful manner. There is no easy way out of tackling climate change despite what they would have us believe. The evidence is clear and the time we have to […]

Climate change denier Nick Griffin to represent EU at Copenhagen

“The anti-western intellectual cranks of the left suffered a collective breakdown when communism collapsed. Climate change is their new theology… But the heretics will have a voice in Copenhagen and the truth will out. Climate change is being used to impose an anti-human utopia as deadly as anything conceived by Stalin or Mao.”

OPINION: COVID-19 experience in tackling climate change with equity

New Delhi: Covid-19 responsive measures, such as lockdown, have shown optimistic results on the environment and for climate. The measures that are taken to respond to Covid-19 and other experiences could provide better evidentiary value to address the menace of climate change, another major global and local threat to the world community. Therefore, as a […]

Oil Companies Admit Climate Change Is Real, Say Don’t Blame Us

In 1989, Exxon co-founded the Global Climate Coalition, whose mission was to claim that climate science was uncertain, even as its own internal memos warned that it “cannot be denied.” In 1998, it joined the American Petroleum Institute’s plan to challenge climate science by creating new “experts” to counter the scientific consensus. And it funded […]

Prince Charles attacks climate change sceptics

Charles, speaking yesterday at the event staged by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership at St James’s palace, did not mention any sceptics by name but said: “People have heard the climate sceptics and attempted to listen to the kind of pseudo science they are peddling … I have endlessly been accused of peddling pseudo […]

Met Office to publish climate change data amid fraud claims

He said sceptics who suggested the Earth was cooling because 1998 was the hottest year on record were wrong, because the past 10 years were the warmest decade on record. The hottest year, 1998, coincided with natural warming effects of a strong El Nino weather pattern.

Climate change champion and sceptic both call for inquiry into leaked emails

He added: “There needs to be an assurance that these email messages have not revealed inappropriate conduct in the preparation of journal articles and in dealing with requests from other researchers for access to data. This will probably require investigations both by the host institutions and by the relevant journals. There may also be a […]