Picturesque and articulate photos that capture the spirit of Thiruvananthapuram

The collection of 100-plus photos are a wonderful never-before-seen glimpses of the city. While some snaps highlight the stunning landscapes of the district, some give a new or quaint perspective of a place that is right there. “For instance, I never fail to be enchanted by the Napier museum and its environs. Any photographer can’t […]

Uncovering forgotten female artists: French archive aims to rewrite art history

Famous feminists and the struggle for equality Laurie Penny (*1986) Laurie Penny of Britain is considered one of the most significant feminists of our time. Her works “Meat Market” and “Unspeakable Things” criticize the sexualization and sexual suppression of women and the idea of romantic love. Penny works as a columnist and journalist for “The […]

US states issue conflicting mask orders as new COVID-19 cases set another record

“We need to wear masks to stop the spread,” said Ethan Padgett, 37, a furloughed art museum worker, as he spoke through his face covering outside an East Atlanta Village coffee shop. “So many people aren’t following this day-to-day but are taking their cues from our leaders. If the governor takes it more seriously, people […]