Confidence from playing for India rubbed off on Agarwal in IPL

“Even here he told me don’t have to do anything extraordinary, just keep trusting your skills and execute them. He asks me to go out and enjoy the game. Before the last game, he said you are batting great and just look to get into good batting positions. If you are striking well, make sure […]

‘Fault lies not with bureaucrats, but with the system’

‘A council, comprising select Union ministers, chief ministers, eminent public HR practitioners among others and headed by the prime minister, will serve as the apex body for providing strategic direction, while a Capacity Building Commission is also proposed to be set up,’ Press Trust of India reported.

Wanderlust: Why we need more protection for migratory animals

The incredible journeys of migratory animals  Midnight wanderers By day, straw colored fruit bats hang from Africa’s city trees like assemblages of broken umbrellas. But at twilight, they take gracefully to the air, traveling up to 180 kilometers before dawn and dispersing seeds and pollen as they feed. They span even greater distances by season, […]