COVID-19 impact | CFO’s choices in steering companies to ride the new normal

So, bigger is not necessarily better. Especially in current times where topline has been significantly eroded for most companies, the inclination would be to focus on recovering it at a significant pace, if markets permit. There is a delicate balance as to when to cut margins to generate more sales, make an adjustment to credit […]

Atanu Ghosh rewriting old scripts to fit into the new normal

Atanu Ghosh and his detailed take on relationship stories about the human psyche has always been a serious cine buff’s most preferred subject. His last film ‘Robibaar’ was no exception as well. However, the National Award-winning director feels restless to see the crisis we are going through. At this time no organized or constructive work […]

Nigeria records 423 new cases of COVID-19

According to report released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease, NCDC, there is a total of 47,290 COVID-19 confirmed cases across the 36 states of the federation, including FCT, Abuja; 33,609 discharged and 956 deaths.

Coronavirus India state-wise tally August 12: West Bengal cases cross a lakh, Maharashtra keeps top spot

Below is the coronavirus cases/deaths state-wise tally:S. No.Name of State / UTActive Cases*Cured/Discharged/Migrated*Deaths**TotalChange since yesterdayCumulativeChange since yesterdayCumulativeChange since yesterday1Andaman and Nicobar Islands99498 74940 211 2Andhra Pradesh87597176 1547499113 220387 3Arunachal Pradesh69054 163442 34Assam191781178 450731487 1554 5Bihar292911226 567092621 41316 6Chandigarh62963 101511 261 7Chhattisgarh3586250 9239226 1045 8Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu4422 120942 29Delhi10868522 132384727 41398 10Goa2878137 6480272 866 11Gujarat1402431 564441140 269523 12Haryana6645197 36082590 50011 13Himachal Pradesh120635 227368 181 14Jammu and Kashmir746252 17979604 49012 15Jharkhand8658153 10375651 1924 16Karnataka79614302 1055996473 339886 17Kerala1277014 240421426 1205 18Ladakh50635 125518 919Madhya Pradesh910597 30596922 103318 20Maharashtra148860818 36843510014 18306256 21Manipur180181 21286 121 22Meghalaya62111 50911 623Mizoram32525 323024Nagaland20322 99118 825Odisha13694454 348061785 29610 26Puducherry227797 3532177 912 27Punjab846387 167901055 63632 28Rajasthan13677133 403991339 81111 29Sikkim37821 53424 130Tamil Nadu52810289 2506806005 5159118 31Telangana2259632 612941920 6549 32Tripura160172 4838182 4333Uttarakhand3826240 6470169 1362 34Uttar Pradesh489981120 805893865 217656 35West Bengal25846185 733953067 214949 Total#6439484019 163959956110 46091834 *(Including foreign Nationals)**( more than 70% cases due to comorbidities )#States wise distribution is subject to further verification […]

Weekly poems elevate New Hampshire city’s virus newsletters

Rochon said she was particularly touched by Truax’s latest poem, “Transitions,” in which she grieve’s a fellow poet’s impending death, hiding her tears behind her face mask and finding solace in harvesting a zucchini from her garden and baking it into bread for the young man who fixed her car.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Freezes Hiring in India, Begins Reassigning Senior Officers Overseas – Report

After India imposed a ban on TikTok, US President Donald Trump last week listed restrictions on the use of the video-making app on phones registered to government employees, US military personnel, Department of Homeland Security, and the Transportation Security Administration. Just as TikTok’s future in other countries, including the US, began to look blurry, reports of […]

With single-day spike of 60963 COVID-19 cases India’s tally reaches 2329639

New Delhi: As many as 60,963 new coronavirus cases has been reported in India in the last 24 hours, taking the total cases to over 23 lakhs and 834 new coronavirus fatalities takes the cumulative toll to 46,091, according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Know all about Google’s new People Cards feature for India

Clark explained that only one person’s card can be created per account and there will be spam and abuse protections. Content policies will apply to the cards and there will be a human review where needed. Further, he added that Users also have the option to add education, contact details and other information like home […]

Coronavirus: Largest UK recession on record – official figures

In one sense the fall is not surprising: we were in lockdown for most of the second quarter, so it was always likely that economic output would fall sharply during that period. The lockdown began in the first quarter and intensified in the second, and given the standard definition of a recession is two successive […]

It’s business as usual for GM India

“Just media hype,” said a relieved Sachin Kumar, executive of the Auto Vikas showroom of General Motors India in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar. “There were some showroom queries on the first two days, but it died down.” If prospective consumers of GM’s cars are visibly disturbed by the news that its United States parent has […]