New F5 Research Reveals 75 Percent of Asia Pacific Consumers Do Not Feel Responsible for Their Own Data Security

“As the pandemic redefines our lives, and businesses step up their digital transformation efforts, consumers are demanding more from the applications that they use to work, play, and connect,” said Adam Judd, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, China and Japan, at F5. “To truly integrate convenience and security, businesses should proactively involve consumers across the […]

Is TikTok About to be Banned or Shut Down in the U.S.?

In an statement earlier this week, a TikTok spokesperson rejected U.S. criticism, saying: “TikTok is led by an American CEO, with hundreds of employees and key leaders across safety, security, product, and public policy here in the U.S. We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users. We […]

Twitter Bitcoin Hack: Everything Company Has Said After Claim of Employee Involvement

“Once we became aware of the incident, we immediately locked down the affected accounts and removed Tweets posted by the attackers. We also limited functionality for a much larger group of accounts, like all verified accounts (even those with no evidence of being compromised), while we continue to fully investigate this.

Aruba: Network as a Service Adoption to Accelerate by 38% within the Next Two Years as Businesses Adapt to Covid-19

As IT leaders respond to the challenges associated with enabling a highly distributed workforce and the emergence of the hybrid workplace — with people needing to move seamlessly between working on campus, at home and on the road — they are looking to evolve their network infrastructure and shift away from CapEx investments towards solutions […]

Aruba Research: Network as A Service Adoption to Accelerate by 38% Within the Next Two Years as Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

“With the emergence of the hybrid workplace, IT leaders in Singapore are being asked to deliver a delicate balance between flexibility, security and affordability at the edge,” said Justin Chiah, Senior Director, South East Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macau (SEATH), for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “It has become increasingly clear that to support […]

How did rich millennials become the voice of generation rent?

In an age in which images of expensive hotel rooms and infinity pools appear on the same social-media feeds as pastel-coloured infographics advocating for socialist policies, and even Khloe Kardashian has Instagrammed the words “when this is over, let’s remember that it wasn’t the CEOs and billionaires who saved us”, the idea of existing in […]

Coronavirus Cases Plummet in Oklahoma City After Mask Ordinance Is Enforced

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals wear face masks in public settings, particularly those where maintaining adequate physical distance from others is not practical, to reduce the risk of virus transmission. As communities across the U.S. reported outbreak resurgences beginning in early June, dozens of state and local leaders issued […]

New Hampshire notables put out word about voting absentee

Manchester Transit Authority Executive Director Mike Whitten said the city paid for the buses with more than $1.5 million from the state’s cut of a Volkswagen emission tampering settlement. He said that pool of money still has about $9 million available for electric school bus projects.

Every Celebrity to Endorse Kamala Harris For Vice President

Celebrities from Taylor Swift to LeBron James have voiced their support for Harris, who if Biden is elected in November, will be the first woman vice president and first vice president of color. Harris is also only the fourth woman in U.S. history to be chosen for one of the presidential tickets.

Netflix to Remove Show That Sparked Outrage Among Haitian Americans

“The framing of the whole doc lacks in world view,” renowned Haitian American DJ Michael Brun posted on Instagram. “For a disease that has affected Africa the hardest, they had 0 scientists or representation from the continent (or Haiti).”